Which color of rose should be for the Luminous Mysteries?


So I read this from somewhere, that when we prayed the Rosary, we give a white rose to Our Lady for her joy, a red rose for her sorrow, and a golden rose for her glory (I think it is from the Secret of Rosary from St. Louis de Monfort). So now that we have the Luminous Mysteries, what do you think would be a suitable rose for these mysteries that commemorate the light Our Lady receives from Our Lord?

(It’s just my OCDs. But I do like to hear about your opinions!)


Roses are red, white, pink, orange or yellow.
I suppose they can be artificially colored.

So maybe pink or yellow?


I always thought joy should be pink, sorrow should be red, glorious should be golden, and luminous should be a glowy white.
But actually when I do the 54 day Novena, I get bored with the same old rose colors.
So I go online, pull up rose varieties pages, and pick one I think looks nice for each rosary. A different kind for each rosary. Then I picture giving Mary a big crown of whatever I pick.
There are so many varieties of roses in all kinds of shades, this makes the novena more interesting.


Purple for Her Son’s Majesty as Our KING


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