Which Councils Are We Bound to Believe Under the Pain of Mortal Sin?


Which Councils does the Catholic Church teach we are bound to believe under the pain of Mortal Sin?


The even numbered ones



The 'Council of Nicea for example do you mean Morgan?


I’m a little confused on what you mean.


I can’t accept the 7th ecumenical council that condemned iconoclasm?


Comes from this:


We are bound to accept all 21 ecumenical councils as valid and binding. Mind you, some disciplinary rulings of historical councils are no longer binding, but their doctrinal teachings certainly are.
(For example, the Council of Nicaea forbid kneeling on Sundays…while this is still the practice in the East, the Latin West obviously is no longer bound by this discipline…yet we are certainly bound by the Council’s dogmatic teachings concerning the divinity of Christ).


I am assuming you mean General/Ecumenical Councils. The question doesn’t really make sense as Councils do a lot of things. It’s like asking which Popes are you bound to believe–Popes do and say lots of things. Like Popes, Councils legislate, they make definitive dogmatic judgments, they provide pastoral guidance, they address issues relevant to time and place, they make political statements, etc., etc.

Because a Council exercises the supreme authority in the Church, we must receive its particular acts as the Council intends.

That being said Catholics aren’t required to go back and study all the prior Councils. The ordinary, living Magisterium, generally suffices. For example, no one needs to go back and study the Second Council of Nicea to know the Catholic Church teaches it is ok to venerate images.


We are bound to submit to the dogmatic definitions of all the ecumenical councils and those of the Popes. If you do not and, after having been admonished at least twice you continue not to, then you’re a heretic.


I am referring to all the Councils of the Catholic Church.


All 21 as far as their dogmatic content and currently binding and applicable disciplinary canons.


Haha. So both Trent and Vatican II are optional. You hear that Protestants and Sedevacantists? No more justification for your schism!


Oh, just believe all of them and stop looking for easy ways out!


wait isn’t 2 an even number!


Trent and Vatican II are the 19th and 21st ecumenical councils, respectively.


yes but its Vatican 2 … depends which way you look at it.

I am responding to tech guy really, in his humour


You folks have it all wrong. 19 is prime, and thus binding, while 21 is the product of 3 and 7, so is not binding . . .




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