Which country are you from?


I wonder if there’s anyone here from my country :grin:


Well, what country are you from?


From India


Okay, I can tell you that I’m not from India.

Perhaps others are :slightly_smiling_face:


Really …I must be stupid to think that I was the only indian here :grin: I hope some Indians would reply


I was born in Los Angeles, but my parents are from Brazil.


Is there a lot of Catholics in India?




When I visited India, I was in an area that was like 95%+ Hindu. There was still a cathedral in the city, but I didn’t get a chance to visit.

When I visited Europe (i.e. Italy and Switzerland) on the way back, it was a bit shocking to hear “Happy Easter” from the hotel receptionist.


Yep ! India is not just Hindus :grin:


You must be doing something right over there, we’re getting a lot of your priests! :slightly_smiling_face:


i am from the United States of America

is that bad… ? :frowning:


(From the Movie ‘Hail Caesar’)


The Goa region, from what I’ve heard, is predominantly Catholic. There’s also the Syro-Malabar (either that or Syro-Malankar) Catholics whose tradition is that St. Thomas came to India to preach.

As for my country,


(United States of America.)


NO not at all


I’m from Canada.


That’s where my favorite species of goose lives :roll_eyes:


United Kingdom


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