Which Creed ??

Its been a number of years since I prayed The Rosary but I pray it daily now and also pray The Chaplet of Divine Mercy a few times a week.

The problem I am incurring is since Im getting a bit older here, I have problems remembering the Apostles Creed which is prayed in both the Holy Rosary and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Although much longer, I do know the Nicene Creed like the back of my hand since that is THE CREED prayed in Mass all of my life in the Roman Catholic faith.

My question for the Pro’s on the Board is this: It is acceptacle to replace the Apostles Creed with The Nicene Creed?


I am not a Pro, but. Consider that you are praying to those in heaven. Don’t you think the newer Nicine Creed is accptable. After all the Nicine Creed was introduced in about the year 400. It was a more complete Creed.

If Rome said the Nicine Creed was to used in Mass, it is APPROVED. In my opinion the Apostle’s Creed is used to facilitate the prayer - it is simpler and shorter. Hey, I will never turn you in for using the Nicine Creed/

I’m glad you posted about this. I was just wondering something similar. I didn’t know that RC’s used the Nicene Creed! Lately I’ve started using the Nicene Creed rather than the Apostle’s Creed when I pray the Rosary because it is the Creed we (Episcopalians) pray during our Holy Eucharist (I call it Mass) services, so I felt more comfortable using it. I’m glad to hear it is okay to use for the Rosary. Thanks!

Oh Exporter,
Of course I know the Nicene Creed is “approved” as it is prayed during Mass.

My concern is I do not want to arbitrarily replace a prayer unless it is accepted by the Holy See. Upon all my research regarding The Holy Rosary through the years, I have never been given a choice as to which Creed could be prayed. Instructions have always stated “The Apostles Creed”.

The Holy Rosary means alot to me hence I just cant replace one prayer for another without knowing its appropriate. I want my prayers to be valid.

[quote=Jscott-Nepa]… It is acceptacle to replace the Apostles Creed with The Nicene Creed?


If you study the history of the Rosary, variations are permitted, as this is a private devotion. If you are bothered by it, simply go down to your Catholic bookstore and buy a little prayer card with the Apostle’s Creed on the back. But rest assured, the Apostle’s Creed means the same thing as the Nicene-Consantinopolitan Creed, which means the same thing as the “Profession of Faith” expressed in the liturgy. They are all variations of the same prayer.

I have the same problem - being “older” :thumbsup:, as I started praying the Rosary thi year with increased frequency, I found I confuse the Apostles and Nice Creed. So I just keep a little card with the AC on it. I also have the Hail Holy Queen prayer, I guess I am too dumb to memorize that too :o

thanks Its just dave & Awalt

Thanks for the info … collectively you all seem give the thumbs up to pray the Nicene Creed instead of The Apostles Creed.

I know it may seem as if Im making this difficult. Sorry for that. I just wish not to use prayer cards if at all possible because when I pray, I want to focus my meditation on the prayer.

The Nicene Creed it shall be !!!

God Bless !

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