Which Curmudgeon Coffee Is Better?


Which do you prefer OCC (Old Curmudgeon Coffee) or NCC (New Curmudgeon Coffee) ?

Since the change from the Old CAF to the New CAF there has been a division of which one is better.

Which do you prefer?

This is serious sociological, economical, astrological, and theological question…

Coffee is the cradle of Curmudgeon Life.

Please no Coffeeavacantist or STCC members on here…

Just Curmudgeons who are in communion with CAF…

Curmudgeons Go To France 🇫🇷
Curmudgeons In The Valley Of Gwangi :t_rex:

I don’t know :weary: let me have my second cup and think about it…



What, because I’m drinking non Curmugion coffee of the instant variety :smiling_imp: …? Mwahahahaa.


Careful that’s grounds for excommunication…


Pardon me if I don’t like your comment :angry:
(I’m all about of likes ,I’m so lost with out mudgie coffee…:notes: )


For that insolance I have allowed my radioactive oppossum to defecate somewhere in your quarters…

Not even I know the location… :smiling_imp:


Let me think on that one …



Mudgie coffee cannot be instantized. The Coffee father’s have made that clear. St. Java in the letter to the Colombians explicit stated that any instant varieties are to be declared anathema.


I warned everyone at the Council of Starbucks when Cardinal Folgers and Archbishop Sanka first proposed modernizing the mudgie coffee :angry:. No one listened to me, as usual :unamused:


They were influenced by the Postum heresy.


I know a bunch of neo curmudgeons… :unamused::smoking:


You know what irks me… The 1992 Catechism of Curmudgeons doesn’t make it clear if Keurig is an okay form to make coffee with… Clearly Keurig was not invented but similar machines existed like the Capucino machine.

It’s all that ambiguous language… :weary:


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Coffee has once again revoked my “like” giving privileges :angry::rage:


There are so many cadaver hearts to go around after all…


Saint (actually San) Juan Valdez appeared in a vision to four children in Colombia concerning the spiritual dangers of taking coffee unworthily. The children’s testimony has often been cited by ultra-traditionalists as they assert that widespread consumption of New Curmudgeon Coffee is responsible for the moral decline we see in progressive societies around the world today.

Dredge me a cuppa OCC.


I agree. Anything post Kerig is definitely less reverent. After all, for almost 1900 years Old style coffee was brewed in a large vat.

Even the modern innovations of keeping the grounds in a sock all started a mere 500 years ago.


INSTANT coffee? I mean, used motor oil, sweaty socks, dryer lint I can take, but instant coffee?! :scream:


Ambiguous? Please tell me you’re joking. Have you even READ the document?

Keurig is anathema, and all those who say otherwise are endangering their immortal souls. :angry:

Well, that’s my two cents.

So where’s my coffee?


The Keurig is brewing it… :weary:

Mia Culpa! Mia Culpa! Mia Culpa!

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