Which Curmudgeon Coffee Is Better?


Fortunately I found an old 55 gallon drum that was full of pcp ridden oil. I dumped the excess oil in the sewer, then threw the Keurig, still in mid brew, into the drum. After the sparks stopped, you’re left with an OCF batch of coffee, in the process saving your immortal soul.

Coffee is served.

You’re welcome.


Angel and saint rolled into one. :+1:t4:


And I’d like to blend my brain and pour the frothy pink juice out of a hole in my head into it as well. I can do that now that it’s summer. It’s my gift. Stephie works so hard for us, she needs a break every once in a while. I might double this recipe if we get some more on board now that we have mudgie pre and Mudgie pro times to argue about now, or what? It’s so exciting! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I consider myself mudgie pro.


sips tea

Everyone forgets about the non-coffee rites…


I don’t know but sometimes it seems like both brands are CHOCK FULL O NUTS



Oh great. Now we have a sacred heart bassist. :roll_eyes:

Guess this means I have to double the recipe. :angry: Do you REALIZE how difficult it is to get these ingredients?


Are we in agreement, then, that the Keurigites shall be excaffeinated?


:thinking: My cuppa? Hold your horses,let it mature in the wheelie bin for a few days and don’t be so hasty :angry:


It shall be given pride of place, being that it is the heavenly coffee


Neither can we forget the Revelations of Mrs. Olson, that mysterious visionary from a foreign land, who, under the guise of a humble housewife, received profound coffeelogical insights which fostered devotion to the Mudgie Coffee. Her words are both a consolation and an inspiration, and possibly a cure for constipation: “It’s mountain grown.” “It’s the richest kind.” “You try it.”



Need some 5% 3-day old armpit extract to balance the flavor. This group needs a 12-step program for its coffee obsession.

Why is it hot in the summer?


Makes up for being cold in the winter.


Some would argue that the non-coffee rites have excommunicated themselves from full communion in the House of Maxwell.

REPENT! :scream: :sob:



I’ve sprayed half of the gravel in my front yard with Old Curmudgeon Coffee and I’ve sprayed the other half with the New Curmudgeon Coffee. Whichever is best at repressing weed growth will get my vote. I’m guessing the OCC will be the better weed killer.


Well, that may be a valid but not a licit test.

Better if you note which variety was better at actually disolving the gravel.



Did you say Post Heresy, or Postum Heresy?

Postum is very clearly a heretical beverage!




Everyone who’s learned the secret seems to be very proud of the way they can circumvent the 16 character rule :angry:.

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