Which Curmudgeon Coffee Is Better?


He looks like a new man! :+1:


Scientifically, I’m not sure he could still be referred to as a “man.” But he’s definitely something new. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am a bit worse today…now it is moving into my chest…coughed all night…
Chicken noodle soup and nestled in front of the forays on tap today…




Stay warm and nap often. :ramen:

I’m currently snuggled up on the couch surrounded by furry friends, used tissues, and a giant container of ice water. “Mythbusters” keeping me company on Amazon. :nerd:

Must be healthy(er) by tomorrow… :roll_eyes: Time for another nap… :sleeping:


I was able to make an omlet out this mornings coffee with Granite Rock Stickless Pan!!!

Order whole supplies last.


Alright you filthy herectics time to get off your duff’s and roasting our mystic mudgie coffee beans…

I’ll be in the cellar brewing beer…

Get back to work or I’ll summon the scary nun… :scream:


Ok. Today’s coffee is better than the best
Turkey bones
The stuff that comes in a little pack in the turkey (spare parts-some assembly required)
The odd shaped cranberries
Lots of used aluminum foil
3 tacos from the back of the fridge.
Potato peels
Bacon grease



it’s been so long that I can’t remember what the dark theme looks like so I’m not sure if it’s working correctly but it seems so.


Apparently, they sent the dark theme to the Exorcist, and after a lot of pea soup was expunged, it started working again. Think it was last week.


Went back to school today and realized I’M STILL SICK! :angry:

Dang it. I was feeling just fine this weekend, except for lingering laryngitis, but I was basically just lying around hardly doing anything, just writing and playing the organ.

Halfway through my second class, I realized I’m not healthy. My lungs hurt and I can barely sing.

Cranky mom is in the house.

I wanna be healthy NOW. :angry: :angry: :angry:


Good it will save my eyes but the disclaimer won’t go away and I can’t post.


I watched this fascinated video on Facebook today about the tricks of food photography. One of the most fascinating was super gluing a raw turkey together to make it look pretty and then coating it with curmudgeon coffee to give it a nicely roasted look.

Much nicer than the real thing, in fact. :older_man::tumbler_glass::smoking:


So, THAT’S where all our top notch coffee is going!


I am full of empathy for you Gertie.
Last week I realised I was feeling much better after three weeks of blah…but today trying to mow then going shopping realised I am not better yet.Im tired and my throat is humming and ha-ing,feeling like it wants to irritate me and start the whole thing again :rage:


Throw swamp rat into coffee pot enjoy… :coffee:


Good stuff. We haven’t had a coffee bakeoff in a while.

Coffee A:
Fresh roasted coffee beans
Swamp water (may contain swamp rats)
Swept up leaves
Left over pumpkins

Coffee B:
Koffee grounds from 7-11 dumpster
Karo syrup
K-Mart bags

Coffee C:
Something that might have once been coffee beans
Lawn clippings
Windex spray
Left over paint balls (multilevel colors)

Coffee D:
Bag of Trader Joe’s economy coffee
Candy canes
Burned out Christmas light strings
Broken Christmas ornaments
Broken tinsel

Coffee A :coffee:
Coffee B :coffee:
Coffee C :coffee:
Coffee D :coffee:


I’ll take one of each to go please. :crazy_face:



Out of likes…but this brew is great😃
And such good timing…out of instant in RL!
I’d like to kindly donate Corella feathers falling from the sky at present,so stir in the sugar,salt ,Epsom salts or what ever .

This is the exact same noise I wake up to then am hearing through out the day.Ive got this feeling more are going to come :scream_cat:


It felt like time for a random Star Wars reference.


Sighs… CAF you bore me…

It’s the same old thing debates about Vatican II, condescending remarks, questions about self-abuse… Yes if you do it while closing your eyes and standing on one leg it’s still a mortal sin… Apparently everyone and their grandma missed the holy day of obligation on the eight…

I suppose I might take a walk or clean my bathroom and hallway… I know it’s a day of rest but the days almost over…

Maybe I’ll just go for a walk and smoke my pipe or something… Blah…

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