Which Curmudgeon Coffee Is Better?


I can’t tell if I’m having caffeine are nicotine fits…

I am tired but my body is restless and I can’t completely wake up.


Caffeine and nicotine? This ought to do the trick:

:coffee: :angry::smoking:


Thanks my back hurts I don’t know why maybe I need to rotate my mattress… :unamused::smoking:

Dr. Pepper cherry maybe I’ll smoke my pipe or cigar later…


Just wanted to let all y’all know that I’ve managed to stay up way too late again. :roll_eyes:

Finished a cuppa hot chocolate with a smidge of coffee in it for a little zing about an hour ago. And just finished the latest installment of my work “The Adventures of Gertie the Parkour Wonder.”

Time for bed, peeps. :sleeping_bed::zzz::zzz:

And happy Gaudete Sunday to y’all. :two_hearts:

Why are we whispering?


I suspect my Maintenance shop has Asbestos. Two large boilers in the basement and everything seems to get coated with dust that filters down from above the ceiling tiles… :frowning:


You will have a nice lawsuit with that mesothelioma


Cough cough cough blaaarg


Holds coffee pot underneath chin…

Looks in pot swishes it around… :thinking:

This will make a good batch…

Prepares coffee with whipped shaving cream and asbestos garnished over the latte.


BECAUSE I’m TRYING to SLEEP!!! :angry:

:innocent: G’night.



Better write up a report and bag it to be analyzed.


My dad worked around asbestos a lot more than I ever did. He remembered bags of the stuff on his jobsites back in the 1950s. His good friend that he worked with on many jobs later died from asbestosis. Both he and my dad also smoked and drank a lot too back in those days. My dad was checked for mesothelioma after he retired, and they found a few spots on his lungs, but nothing much came of it. He had COPD when he was old, but cancer of the liver is what did him in. He did get some money from one of those class-action asbestos lawsuits, but not a lot, a few grand.


Brylon Pipes were the thing after WWII since there was a briar wood shortage.

The pipes are practically unbreakable, burn out proof, and smoke so hot they need an oven mitts to hold them.

The Honey Boles had a yellow honey flavored coating that made cleaning the bowl difficult without scraping it out.

So in the spirit of nostalgia and 1950’s culture I have these asbestos pipes made they are even more durable than those cheap brylon pipes…


Time to pour some into the coffee because there’s lots of it to spare… :coffee::unamused::smoking:


Hmmm. The “it” might be an ambiguous referent in that sentence. :wink:


That’s called strategic ambiguity… :tired_face:


Methinks me knows to which threads yinz am referring to. :slight_smile:


None in particular actually…

It’s more of passive-aggressive way to complain about a lot of things wrapped in one.

I’m also extra cranky because I have a caffeine withdrawal headache…


Here ya go. Freshly plowed coffee. Tis the season to be jolly, you know…

Coffee beans fresh from the barn.
Coffee stains
Missile toes.
Horseradish clippings
Avocado seeds.

:coffee: :coffee:


@Cruciferi @Entwhistler

Why is Gandalf dressed as the Skipper from Gilligans Island

It really irritates me that Missouri meerschaum use the sharpie marker and got it on the bottom of the bowl and on the shank… :rage:

Why don’t they just put a small little X on the sticker and leave the rest of it alone? :roll_eyes:

I recently bought a rustic Gentleman Cobb Straight.

I’m going to be ordering the Cobbit Shire Pipe after Christmas.

I figured out that I’ve been getting nicotine sickness because I’ve been putting more in the bowl than I usually do and filling it to complete capacity like some pipe smokers do.

I usually just take three small pinches and pack it in with the method of the strength of an infant, the strength of a woman, and the strength of a man.

I smoked out of my Savinelli last Sunday and I didn’t realize how good of a pipe that is I’ve been smoking out of my usual go to basket pipes.

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