Which Denomination Has the Most Martyrs?

So, I was reading a school book of mine (The Church in History, by B.K. Kuiper) and the author said that the Greek Orthodox church has the most martyrs, more than any other denomination. I can see that being true, but I want to try a fact check.

This is a 1990s reprint of a book written in the 1950s and revised in the 1960s. I realize that many Syrian and Egyptian Christians are under heavy persecution right now. I wonder how likely it is that the numbers have changed?

Also, I am not sure what denomination this author is including the early church in. The author’s theology is Calvinist, so I can see him figuring the Catholic church started in the 500s and all the early martyrs were their own group? I personally include all the Christians who were martyred under the Roman Emperors as “Catholic” but that’s because of my own beliefs.

So what Christian denomination has the most martyrs? Do you agree with this author? What do you know about the subject? Any ideas about where I can find more information? Thoughts? And all opinions are welcome, I would like Catholic and Protestant answers.

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Really at the time of the Greek Martyrs there was only one church, so perhaps they should not be counted seperatly. The great schism did not happen until about the year 1050 or so and then you can count Greek and Roman martyrs in different categories.

Well, that’s the problem with the guy’s analysis. Is he counting the early church martyrs as Roman Catholic? Or counting them in every denomination? Or his denomination? Or not counting them? I mean, when there was only one church where do they count?

The only way to learn really would be to read the book. Perhaps he is biased because he may be a Greek Orthodox himself? Personally I am not GO, I belong to a different Orthodox church.

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