Which do you dress nicer for: Wedding or Sunday Mass?

I was disappointed to see the thread “[/font]Catholic vs. Protestant Attire?” closed because of the lack of charity. By starting this thread and poll I hope to get a better understanding as to why people feel so strongly about whether to dress up or not for Church. Please try to refrain from throwing insults on this thread. Thank you.

I always dress up for church, but it is a different kind of “look” than when I dress up for a wedding.

I usually wear a nice dress and jewelry to a wedding, which is appropriate for not only the church ceremony, but also reflects the party atmosphere of the reception.

I dress up for church also, but not in a party look. I wear dress pants, blouse, and jacket or nice sweater, and simple jewelry. Kind of like a banker’s look but softer, not as business-like.

I am a firm believer that people should dress up for church. Although God may accept us in any manner of dress, why not honor Him with a respectful manner of dressing? No need to go to the lowest common denominator just because we can.

God did and still does so much for us, surely we can go the extra mile for Him once a week.

Ok I gotta be honest here :o.

I go to Holy Mass many times during the week and since I go before work I am always in formal dress.

On Sundays if I am acting in my capacity as EMHC, bringing Holy Communion to the sick, I will be in formal wear.

If not acting in this capacity, and attending Mass on my own on Sunday, I don’t make much of an effort to dress up. I have often attended in jeans and a casual top flanked by a jacket. I know it has hit me just now but external appearances are what people percieve and do not always reflect a reality.

One thing I do make sure of is that internally my heart and soul are always ready for Mass. I go to Confession once a week, on a Thursday, and strive to be in a state of grace for every Mass I attend but especially when Sunday arrives.

If people feel they wanna judge on my external appearance. Let them. At least I know I have taken steps to prepare for Mass. I will usually begin my preparation for Morning Mass by reciting the Rosary just before bed. My first movement of the day is to the Church for Holy Mass.

Think about the story in Scriptures when it was pointed out to Jesus that His diciples did not prepare to eat by washing first. See His reply to that critcism.

Just wondering jpjd, do you prepare internally also by preceeding the Holy Mass with the sacrament of Confession? Honest answer?

God Bless.

Weddings and Sunday mass are two different events. So it makes sense that folks should dress different for them. For Sunday, formal(a tux) is too much. A tie and jacket is always appropriate, to both not look like a bum and not call attention to one self.

Weddings are a variable factor, whether or not they are in a church, a hotel, or other location, what the wedding party is wearing, whether or not there is travel between the church and the receptionary hall, whether or not you plan to skip the church and go straight to the reception.

Formal wear is often appropriate for a wedding, although I’ll usually wear just a suit particularly if its a drive as I hate to drive in a tux.

I dress-up for a wedding and dress appropriately for Mass. Most of the time I don’t even take my coat off during Mass. For a wedding & reception I usually put a little more effort into my make-up and jewelry, etc. For Sunday Mass, I’m not as careful, but nonetheless try to dress very modest and approproiately.

More and more lately, I see tight denim jeans, sweatshirts, and low cut tops in Mass :frowning: . At least these people are coming to Mass, but I think they should be more respectful.

My mother would go all out for us for Easter Sunday - new shoes, coat, hat, gloves & I did the same for my daughters. It was special then but, at least in my parish, Catholics have become too casual for Chirch.



I would look the same for both, unless I were to participate in the wedding somehow, and not be a mere guest. Then I might purchase special attire.

I don’t reserve clothing only for Sunday, but I wear my newer, cleaner, better fitting stuff that day. For me, a certain minimum daily level of attire serves to not drive people away from Christ. If they know I am a supposedly serious Christian and that I am a total slob, then that might turn people off Jesus. So I try (not as well as I might) to at all times be reasonably dressed. Mass is no different. So, I guess my attire does not vary too much during the week or weekend.

This may all sound real nice, but as a disclaimer… it is probably people that look like me who are in mind when people complain about clothing.

I dress in “Sunday Best” for Sunday Mass and for a wedding …
Doesn’t everyone dress up when they are invited to a banquet? Mass is a “[font=Arial]Sacrificial Banquet” where we do meet The Bridegroom in a very “Special” way… [/font]

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