Which do you prefer, daily Mass or Sunday Mass?


OK, this poll is mainly for daily Mass goers.

Which do you like better?

Sunday Mass (including Saturday vigil), because you want to say the Gloria and the Creed and sing and enjoy everybody being there?

Or daily Mass because it’s quiet and people only come because they want to? Or because Sunday Mass is too long and too much?

Or you love both for different reasons and couldn’t possibly choose?

What did I miss? What do you think?



I voted daily. Not because I hate Sunday Mass…

But, I like few people there. In a strange way, I like seeing the same people. Also, I like the homily better. It is usually unprepared and just the priest speaking from his heart and knowledge on the topic.

Also, the topic of the homily (well, he doesn’t always give one for daily Mass…) is usually more geared towards “daily Mass” types. For Sunday, you have to speak to all different types of people. But the people who come to daily Mass are generally the more orthodox types so you can speak to them on a different level.

Now, when Sunday is a High Mass, I much prefer that. But if it is Low Mass all the time, i’ll take daily Mass.


Hard to pick, but the music at Sunday masses is so woeful in general that it’s actually kind of a relief to go to Daily Mass and not have any!

Even with Sunday Masses I’d rather attend a very early morning (music-free) Mass most weeks.


What Unfinished said, with the addition that at daily mass there are no distractions, like there are at the Sunday (NO) Mass


I really love them both and for different reasons. I love the Creed etc. on Sundays…but I go to daily Mass which is the school Mass and the kids give the readings and the intentions and that is nice, plus I see the same folks everyday and we are a nice little group. I also love hearing the children sing during daily Mass:)



I like both, but I especially like daily mass because I can go before I go to work and that helps get me through the day.


I was just talking about this with a friend. I am usually unable to attend Sunday Mass, but I go for Saturday Vigil and throughout the week.

I enjoy the Saturday Vigil Mass because of the homily and I enjoy the length of the service, however I find that many of the people at Mass on Saturday are irreverent toward the Blessed Sacrament; talking loudly, banging the kneelers, etc.

Weekday Mass generally has people who WANT to be there - not just people who feel OBLIGATED to be there, which gives it an entirely different feel.

I love them both and wouldn’t want to miss either of them, though I do prefer the reverence I see for the Blessed Sacrament during the week.


You’ve obviously never been to daily mass with my son :wink:

(Just kidding.)

I’ll ditto what Unfinished said, also. Except that I generally love the long homily on Sunday. There’s something about a mass with a small attendance that makes it easier for me to feel Jesus’ presence there with me in Holy Communion.


If I time it right, I like the Sunday or Saturday vigil for the sense of the whole parish assisting the priest in the Sacrifice. I like the whole solemnity effect.

I like daily Mass for QUIET and reflection, when I can attend- with the 2 grandkids, I don’t want the other grandparents and great-grandparents to lynch me for the noise!:smiley:


I love them both for different reasons, but if I had to choose I would say daily Mass. I love the quiet and meditative atmosphere. I get there about 40 minutes early to say the rosary and I love being there alone with the lights dimmed in front of the tabernacle.


Oh me too. I love that.


I said I preferred daily mass, but I do like them both. I like the closeness of daily mass. However, I like praying for all the community around me at the weekend mass.


It depends where I’m hearing daily Mass. The evening Masses at my college are great, and the earliest morning ones. At Daily Mass at my parish, though, it is actually harder for me to pray before and after than at Sunday Mass, because some parishioners pray the Liturgy of the Hours aloud right up till immediately before, and start the Rosary aloud right after Mass. I think it’s good that they pray them but I like having silence to pray in before & after Mass, and we have no side chapel or anything. I love Tridentine High Mass the best though, which is on Sundays.


I’ve often found darkness very holy and peaceful. Particularly, as an altar server, when I arrive early to set everything up before mass and all is silent & dark except the few candles. Or before the Easter Vigil, when everyone has gone outside and the procession is moving through the silent, empty church. Remarkable.

I voted for daily mass- the sense of choice in being there, the quietness and the Liturgy of the Hours before. Wonderful.


I like daily Mass over Sunday Mass because the daily Mass doesn’t sing alot or chant alot. Singing more than the opening and closing songs and chanting more the the acclamations before the gospel and between the Eucharistic prayers and the Amen before we stand up to say the Our Father gets old after awhile.
I liked the Mass the way it used to be 15 years ago. :slight_smile: The daily Mass still recaptures that. I think if they’d eliminate alot of the unnecessary singing and chanting, the Mass would obviously be shorter and I think folks would be more for after-church activities, instead of getting in the car and rushing home.
That’s just my :twocents: though.


I actually like elements of both, and my preference would have a lot to do with how any particular Mass was celebrated. For instance, I really like the quiet of daily Mass, but attending most of them at university chapels I found that daily Masses had exponentially more abuse than what I was able to find on Sunday. Also, which has more Latin/better music selection, who’s the priest, what time does it occur, all these things would weigh in for me.


I love them both, though I prefer daily Mass, if I had to choose. I like the peacefulness and the lack of distractions. We always have a homily, but the daily one is usually much shorter than the Sunday one, and it easier to remember and apply throughout the day. When I can go to Mass before work, I know that at least one thing has gone right that day. (Some days that may be ALL that goes right!)


I voted for both. I get different things from each: on Sunday, it is nice to have fellowship with all my fellow parishioners and to sing the hymns; during the week, the quieter atmosphere is very refreshing. I only regret that my daily commute to work prevents my attendance at daily Mass unless I take some vacation hours, for instance on a Holy Day.


I voted for both for different reasons. Sunday Mass is nice because I attend with my husband and kids and I like being with the larger parish community. But there’s something wonderful about the quiet of daily Mass and the simplicity (if that’s the right word) of it. Definitely way fewer distractions.
Also, I attend daily Mass in a beautiful, old church near my office in town, while Sunday Mass is in my suburban parish church which was built sometime in the late 1970s/early 80s and is kind of an architectural embarrassment.


I much prefer daily Mass. It’s quiet, solemn and reverent. Quite unlike the sunday service which just amazes me every week. It’s so very noisy as the newly arrived must greet practically everyone in the church, it’s trying because the music is truly loud and the cantors are even louder, and it just seems that the true spirit of reverence is lost. Also there are people there who seem to be a 1,000 miles away. They clearly would prefer to be somewhere else but they “have to” attend on sunday. The daily Mass is attended by those who really want to be there. It does make a difference.

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