Which encyclical speaks of Couseling/Mental Health

My wife was reading through an encyclical a few years ago, pretty sure it was Saint Pope JPII, and pretty sure it was part of a Familia course. It speaks of the benefits of family counseling or mental health professionals. Anyone familiar with this and know which one it is? I’d really like to go back and read it.

Nevermind, I found it!! :smiley:

It was in Familiaris Consortio, paragraph 75.

Lay Specialists

  1. Considerable help can be given to families by lay specialists (doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, consultants, etc.) who either as individuals or as members of various associations and undertakings offer their contribution of enlightenment, advice, orientation and support. To these people one can well apply the exhortations that I had the occasion to address to the Confederation of Family Advisory Bureaus of Christian Inspiration: “Yours is a commitment that well deserves the title of mission, so noble are the aims that it pursues, and so determining, for the good of society and the Christian community itself, are the results that derive from it… All that you succeed in doing to support the family is destined to have an effectiveness that goes beyond its own sphere and reaches other people too and has an effect on society The future of the world and of the Church passes through the family.”(170)

Apparently Pope Pius XII also wrote on the subject in “On Psycotherapy and Religion” and Applied Psychology". I have never read those…but I suppose I will now. :wink:

Have fun!

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