Which fornication is worse?

From an objective standpoint, they’re both the same, and if both couples died without repenting, they’d be damned just the same. It would appear, though, that perhaps the first couple was trying to wait, but gave in to temptation (in which case, it being just 10 days b/f their marriage, they would probably feel awful about it. I’m just speculating, though). The 2nd couple would appear to not care at all about fornication being sinful, in which case they would seem less likely to repent. Being only on the 2nd date, they would also have a LOT more time to continually fall into sin than the first couple, so they’d be “worse off” in that regard.

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Let’s put this into fast forward: What if the first couple goes on to get divorced and remarried to other people and the second couple gets married and have a happy, holy marriage? Does this affect the severity of the sin?

I do.

Do you not think so? If you don’t, why not?

Don’t strain the flea and swallow the camel.

Woa to the pharisees.

Equally is an adverb and fornication is a noun, so I’m going to make up a new word: fornicative.

The acts are equally fornicative.


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No, I’m not trying to prove it, only to discuss it. My general attitude is that if it’s a sin, don’t do it–this would also apply to venial sin. But I do find it annoying when people would equate the two completely. In my mind, they are both wrong, but I’m just not going to equate a second date fling with a very nearly married couple.

As far as I know, Jesus taught nothing about fornication.

Paul did, but I believe he was mostly talking about casual sex for fun, like what the Romans and Corinthians did with prostitutes or in orgies. The word fornication itself comes from the word “fornix” in Latin which meant “arch.” This is because prostitutes waited for customers under archways, where their presence was tolerated by Roman society.

I just wouldn’t call sex between two people a stone’s throw away from marriage fornication in the original sense of the word. Perhaps they lost themselves in the throes of passion just before the wedding. Maybe they didn’t exercise full consent. But fornication…meh.

Remember when that Jesus guy condemned that evil woman who comitted the awful sin of adultery? Oh wait, he didn’t.

You cannot possibly know if God will send someone to hell for these particular acts, you do not know the intentions of the individuals. He does not think like you or I.

But sin, by definition, angers God.

Thus both instances will anger God.

We do not know how sinful it really is. It seems absurd to think these are the people who will be cast into hell, when we see real corruption in the world. A man and a woman who love each other having sex outside marriage isn’t on par with people who use others purely as instruments for their pleasure.

Lets say a Catholic dies in mortal sin do they go to hell?

I agree with others on this post it is a non-issue. Assuming they are all consenting adults, then they are just doing what comes naturally. Hardly a grave issue.

??? You are a Catholic who rejects the teaching of the Church? That either means you reject your own religion or you just do not understand it.
The Church teaches, de fide that if you die in unrepentant mortal sin you go to hell.

‘Nearly’ seems to be the key word. They are not married yet, as the couple on a second date is not married.

It’s not the feelings of the couple or the amount of time they have known each other that matters, it’s the lack of marriage the matters. Both equally lack marriage.

(so they’re equally fornicative. gotta use my new word :p)

It does not mean that. I could mean that Catholicism may have got things wrong. Better to have an open mind, I think

Yes, what could go wrong with that? :rolleyes:

Maybe you are right - better keep it closed, then :slight_smile:

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