Which Gospel is your favorite? / Justification by faith and/or works?


I love reading through the Gospels, I find so many hidden gems in them. Each has some very good elements that the others don’t have, making each critically important to understanding the ministry of Jesus. I find Matthew to focus most on the fulfillment of the prophets in Jesus. Mark focuses most on all the healings as well as the largeness of the crowds, how they go from loving Jesus to wanting him crucified. Luke I think emphasizes the power of prayer, the role of the Holy Spirit, as well as the role of women. Lastly, John focuses heavily on the ‘signs’ of Jesus and Him being truly the Son of God.

How would you break them up and which do you like best? :grinning:

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John

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That’s a tough decision. Matthew has the best Sermon on the Mount (with many important teachings). Luke maybe has the best Christmas story. John has the deep theology. Mark? … I forget what I like about Mark. Sorry, Mark. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is like asking someone to pick their favorite kid. All of them are different, but you love them for their uniqueness.


Isn’t Mark the proto-gospel that Matthew and Luke borrowed from? It’s the Gospel condensed down to it’s essential core.


I like the urgency communicated by Mark that the gospel needs to be proclaimed. It also offers some of the passages that I feel demonstrates the humanity of Jesus most clearly.


I’d have to say John for the first chapter…


One of my favorite parts of any of the Gospels is how Mark tells the story of Jesus healing the Paralytic, how they lower him down through the roof. Specifially at Mark 2:1-12, perhaps you enjoy this section also?


Very true. That is why I think it’s nice to look at each Gospel side by side and see what each brings to the table as it were. All 4 are equally good and needed, perhaps one or more might resonate with us based on the style and interpretation


I really like the story of the healing of the synagogue rulers daughter and the old woman with the bleed.


I can’t pick. I love the parables of Matthew, the robust action in Mark (the phrase "and immediately’ shows up a lot in Mark). Luke is elegant and John is mystical.


Yes, I as well like the immediacy of Mark. Very underrated Gospel IMO, if one of the narratives of Jesus’ life and ministry can be underrated lol


My kids and I have been going through the Gospel of Mark over the last year in our family Bible study. It has been a really fun process. What was also cool is that last year, Mark was the gospel for the lectionary readings so a lot of things we would talk about on Monday nights, would be reinforced on Sunday morning. Even the kids would perk up during the sermon. I didn’t plan it that way on purpose, I wanted to give them the simplest gospel, but it was a nice added benefit.


That’s a very nice thing to do with your family. I have found for myself, since reading straight through all four Gospels over the course of about 3 weeks this past October, every Gospel reading on Sunday’s is so much deeper and interesting for me.

Before I would just listen, half wanting to just sit down. Now it’s like my mind goes “oh yeah I remember reading that!” or “yeah and Jesus is about to say X!” It’s been really quite a gift for me that I didn’t expect at all. I only decided to read the Gospels in entirety because I wanted to start reading my Bible and thought that was a good place to begin and I never read the Gospels outside of mass so a lot of the Gospels I never heard before! Now I have a huge appreciation for it, such a blessing. Great to share with your family


I frequently write blog entries about different passages or about the liturgical seasons. Last year for Christmas I wrote about the angels notifying the shepherds of Jesus birth. This year I wrote about epiphany. I have written about Lent, etc. I think it is a good benefit because it causes you to really think about what is going on in those passages. In about 9 weeks I will be going through a homiletics course as well. It should be fun to develop sermons. Keep it up. I encourage you to continue to study the scriptures.


Hands down, the Gospel of John is my fav.


Well, I rather prefer to look at it as four sets of eyes on the same Gospel. What I ponder is the content of letters that would have been written by the other Apostles.


My Confirmation name was Luke, because that is my favorite Book in the whole Bible. Some of the best parables of Jesus are only recounted in St. Luke’s Gospel. (The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son to name two).

If you combine the Acts of the Apostles, also authored by St. Luke, you not only have the most complete set of teachings of The Lord while on earth, but you have a narrative of how the early Church started.


Luke is my favorite.
Matthew 5-7 and the Wedding at Cana are my favorite passages. Matthew 5:44-45 in particular.


I’m reading through Acts now, and it’s very good. So many parts of it I’ve never heard before


Mark is my favorite gospel.

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