Which is better, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox?


Catholic is not an option here! It’s too easy and too obvious.


[quote=trumpet152]Catholic is not an option here! It’s too easy and too obvious.

I don’t think that’s for us to say.

Which one prefers, is another matter ##


@ least the EOs have the sacraments…


What, exaclty, do you mean by “better”?


[quote=Milliardo]What, exaclty, do you mean by “better”?

Which would be more profitable for a person to be in?


Protestants are heretics. Eastern Orthodoxs are schismatics. So the latter is better.


As another poster stated, the Eastern Orthodox have the Sacraments. Their priests and bishops are actually priests and bishops.

Protestants only have baptism (if done in the proper Trinitarian formula) and marriage. They do not have valid orders and do not have the most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

It would not take too much (theologically speaking) for the Eastern Orthodox to join back up with the Catholic Church as they have valid orders and Sacraments. The Protestants would have to ditch all their errors to join back up with us as they don’t have any valid orders, liturgy and the Eucharist.


The EOs have the Sacraments and Apostolic Succession. They have not gone off the deep end into relativism, as has Protestantism. Although the word “better” seems not quite right, I would say that the EOs have more of the truth (and thus the the tools) for living a more full Christian life, a life increasing in holiness.


Eastern Orthodox, without doubt


Definitely Eastern Orthodox due to valid Orders and Sacraments.



[quote=trumpet152]Catholic is not an option here! It’s too easy and too obvious.

I voted Eastern Orthodox, but there is a question in my mind of what is better, to have a heresy or schism that is very close to the truth or have a heresy that resembles the truth very little. On the one hand the Eastern Orthodox have most of the truth right there in front of them, but on the other hand it is much easier to see a complete apostacy(not calling all protestants complete apostates but it is more so than the Eastern Orthodox) for what it is.


God founded ONE Church, His body, the Catholic Church (this Church includes the ‘Eastern Rite’ too). Heritics dreaming up new theologies, princes wanting wealth, etc. founded the Protestant sects.


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