Which is better, twitter, myspace or Facebook?

well which one is better, Facebook, Twitter or Myspace?:smiley:
I 'd like your discussion.

It depends on your personal preferences.

If you really want to network and know what everybody in your contacts is up to, I’d say go with Facebook. I actually quit Facebook because I thought it was a little too intrusive. It was a little overwhelming, TMI really. But I am a bit of an introvert.

I prefer Myspace because its privacy is more controlled than FB. You don’t have to give your whole or real name if you don’t want and when you make “friends” it isn’t broadcasted all over like on FB.

I don’t Twitter. I don’t really get why it’s so interesting, but to each their own. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t like any of them. To each their own, but I find no use for either of those sites. I’ll stick to forums. :slight_smile:

I vote for Facebook. :thumbsup: Twitter is basically like taking the “status updates” of Facebook and turning it into an entity unto itself. (Actually, I believe there’s a Facebook application that allows you to automatically cross-post your “tweets” as your status update on Facebook.) MySpace does have the advantage of anonymity, but if you’re looking to connect with family and friends, then the anonymity isn’t necessarily a help.

I use FaceBook to keep up with the kids that I work with. It’s amazing the information they will share on FaceBook, that they would never tell you in person.

I like facebook because you can find family and friends that you havent seen in yonks. It is great. I have myspace but it seems like it isnt as protected security wise. I hadnt signed on to myspace in a while and when I did I got a message saying I had to change my password because someone hacked into my account there. I dont know a thing about twitter. Maybe I need to investigate it.

None of the above.

I use FACEBOOK myself to communicate with friends far away and local. It’s fun. i don’t know anything about myspace or twitter.

There a funny ad [Verizon?] ad on TV with the kids laying down the law to their parents.

Daughter: Mom, you have to stop writing “i luv u, i luv u, i luv u” all over my Facebook wall. People can see that!

Son: Dad, cut it out with the meaningless tweets.

[Dad is texting “I’m sitting on the porch . . .”]

i’m speaking as a 26 year old male, but my vote goes with facebook. seems like people are more “real” and honest than on myspace. plus, the only people i really have on facebook are close friends, friends that moved away that i like to keep up with and family.
i do have myspace, i check it every once in a while, and people on there seem to be more interested in making their profile page cool and see how many people they can get as friends. seriously, people i met one time would send friend invites. that was lame to me.
not a fan of twitter because i don’t care what you ate for breakfast, why your boss is a jerk, what grocery store you are at, etc… seems like twitter is trying to make the average everyday event something “like, totally awesome!” when it just isn’t so.
that’s my take.

I’m not familiar enough with Facebook to really comment, but I have a MySpace and I’ve used it to keep in touch with gaming buddies.

Twitter is just… it’s a great idea, but I think it can be easily over-used, ala the guy in the Verizon commercial making pointless Twitters.

Its funny you say that because I have a friend who is in Facebook (It used to be for college kids…Oh Well) And he tries to brag about how many friends he has. Sometimes when i look at my other friends and see how many friends they have i get a tad bit Jealous but then realize its not that deep.

Twitter is good because it does not have alot of unnecessary applications like Facebook. Which means it probably takes less time to load up.

yeah, i’m sure people are like that on facebook. it’s funny because i’ll ask who so and so is and they say “oh, i knew him in 1st grade. he moved to brazil a week after school started.” or something equally silly. or they accept friends just because somebody wanted to be there friend who doesn’t know them.
it’s just silly.

Indeed! I think one of the other attractive things about Twitter is that you can “follow” different people and organizations that you wouldn’t be “friends” with on Facebook. In the last year, I’ve seen many articles that will reference a celebrity’s Twitter page as a source for breaking news.

Considering our society’s waning attention span along with our insatiable appetite for the most up-to-the-second news coverage, Twitter really hits both of those in a big way. You can be kept constantly abreast of the latest news, and every message is 140 characters or less.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s like a goldmine. Here you have people wanting to sign up to receive constant advertisents in the form of “tweets”.

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