Which is it?


If I apostasize from Islam, and convert to Catholicism – Muslims call it betrayal and an act against God, but Catholics laud it as a step towards the truth.

If I apostasize from Catholicism and become Eastern Orthodox, Catholics will say I am being led away by the devil but the Orthodox will embrace me for embracing true, original Christianity.

Which is it? Is it God or the devil that causes us to convert religions?


It is neither. You have a free will and it is YOU who causes any change. God only invites, He doesn’t force anyone to come to Him. The opinions of anyone else outside of your choice are totally irrelevant. Are these outside opinion people going to suffer the consequences of any decision you might make?


if you’re converting to the truth, it is from God. If you’re converting to something else, it could just be an interest, your own choice, misunderstanding, deception, or - the devil.

I had the same thoughts when I was looking into Catholicism :slight_smile: but as I sought God’s will, He made things clear to me and I saw that the truth really is in the Church.

Just try to seek the truth and pray… and God will show. Try to trust Him. If you feel lead towards Catholicism, that is a grace…

God bless


I agree that we have free will, but if someone is lead to the truth, that is an act of grace on God’s part :slight_smile: It’s true that God doesn’t force anyone to convert though, in order for His grace to fully work in our lives we must cooperate with it and not reject it…

God bless


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