Which is more likely to be converted to a good Catholic?

I guess being the good Catholic that I am, I don’t see it as an either / or question, rather “Both”



I studied for the Unitarian clergy and am now on the road home.

One never knows who will convert or regain their faith.

For those outside who are of good will our fight should be to:

Correct the history of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church found in popular culture.

Give our Catholic brethren praise for what they have accomplished, not scorn for what they failed to prevent.

That’s about it.

Hey, I’d also side with both hopefully. I voted for the anti-Catholic part because I have heard of many that while studying up on the Catholic Faith have been intrigued or even knocked off their horses through studying the Early Church Fathers, the Councils and history or the Papal Encyclicals. Sometimes the indifferent can be the hardest to reach out to becuase they really aren’t even trying. But ultimately, it is up to God. Thanks and God Bless.

I’m not sure I understant the question. Is the Protestant indifferent about his own faith or just indifferent about the Catholic Faith? If he doesn’t care about his own faith I can’t see him caring much about mine. I’d go with the anti-Catholic. Aren’t most of the on fire Catholic Converts former Protestants who tried to prove the Faith wrong?

It doesn’t matter. The statement by Newman says it all: “To be deep in history, is to cease to be protestant.” Once they see how Scripture and Sacred Tradition so beautifully complement each other, and they see that the faith of the Early Church Fathers is the Catholic/Orthodox faith of today, it is only a matter of time. Of course the primary factor is the Grace of God. With God, all things are possible. I am watching it first hand right now. My best friend who was born brethren and raised baptist, is not far from coming home! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking - an active anti-Catholic protestant

I have a very dear friend who fits this description (former Catholic)…
It will be by God’s Grace that she comes back because she knows the Truth…I keep telling her… :wink: She has to get beyond her pride before she comes back. Pray for her…

…good question… i guess it depends upon just how involved the Holy Ghost wishes to be involved…:thumbsup:


I voted an anti-Catholic.
I grew up in an extremely anti Catholic home and environment. But all that anti Catholicism planted a seed of curiosity that grew from trying to prove the Catholics wrong.
And look at me today! A happy, learned, joyfilled Catholic! :slight_smile:
I find that anyone who is apathetic about their own faith is not particularly interested in anyone else’s either. Being “on fire” for God in any faith tradition will cause a person to explore (if only secretly) what others think and why.

I was an anti-Catholic Protestant before I converted. Basically, I discovered that what I thought the Church teaches isn’t at all what the Church teaches. I think it’s that way with most Protestants. Somehow, if we could just find a way to show them what the Church is really all about, then I think we’d make great strides in converting people.

Scout :tiphat:

It is my opinion that an indifferent protestant would not care to investigate the Catholic Faith or follow Christ anywhere, they would just be comfortable in where they are (indifferent)

Any anti-Catholic, who is honest with themselves and willing to follow Christ anywhere has the potential to be a great Catholic. They have studied scriptures, they have commited themselves to Christ, next thing you know if they study enough of history and look at things in a charitable manner then their hearts soften.

Look at Scott Hahn, his story is a good example.

Unfortunately you do have anti-catholics who are willing to use any means to fight the Church, I wont name names as we know many of them and it might be rude to single people out.


I voted an indifferent Protestant but now that I think about it, an active anti-Catholic would probably be more likely.

I’m not really indifferent or anti-Catholic. I suppose I could be either at times. I don’t know if I am going to convert or not. I haven’t known for a long time.

I think this is easy because we St. Paul as the perfect example, though he wasn’t Christian to start, I think those who attack the Church the strongest and then see the truth will be some of the best examples of Catholics in history.

Well, Since I can only chose two options. I mainly selected “Indifferent Protistant” since I felt that it also includes weak agnostics (There was no option with agnostics in the poll).
I felt that (weak) agnostics, especialy whom were fallen Catholics at a very young age. Oftenly agnostics oftenly find themselves in the middle of no-man’s land inbetween the Catholic and anti-Catholic battle (while the agnostics are neutral). Being in the middle of the battle oftenly would make the agnostic more curious of what is all the fighting about.

I would say definitely an active anti-Catholic. They’re the ones in general who are very strong in their views. They’re the ones who are more passionate regarding their beliefs, and they’re the ones who, upon discovering the truth of the One True Church come roaring into the Church ready, willing, and able to spread the faith to those who thought like they themselves previously did. Well, look at the first example --Saul of Tarsus – and what did he do? Oh, just spread the faith to a few Gentiles here and there. Has anyone ever watched The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi? Look at all of the anti-Catholics who have come into the faith and absolutely love the Church now. And let us not forget Scott Hahn. Was he ever anti-Catholic or what! And he is now a professor of thelogy at Franciscan University of Steubenville. It’s the lukewarm that God spits out, but in the misdirected passions of the anti-Catholic there’s a yearning for truth that once discovered, hopefully through the evangelizing of a Catholic through the promptings of the Holy Ghost, is now a blazing light for all those who have yet to discover the faith or who hold errors regarding the faith. It’s the converts, many of whom were anti-Catholic, who are setting the Church on fire. They’re the ones who are now saying to the lukewarm Catholics; “Do you not know what you have?” “Do you realize what a precious jewel you have?” “Do you not know that you have Truth?”

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