Which is the best Easter film?

In your opinion, which do you think is the best, the most accurate, the one which appeals to you the most?

Jesus of Nazareth.
The King of Kings.
The Greatest Story Ever Told.
Any other that I do not know?

I would like to purchase one for Easter.


Although they are not the most historically accurate, "The Robe" and its sequel, "Demetrius and the Gladiators," are good films to watch that are related to Easter. And do not forget about "Ben-Hur" and "Barabbas." If you are willing to its sometimes amateurish settings, I would also suggest "The Silver Chalice." "The Passion of the Christ," of course, is a favorite. Because Passover is around the same time as Easter, I myself enjoy watching "The Ten Commandments."

It doesn't appeal to all people, but Jesus Christ Superstar is a good Easter movie, looking at the last week of Christ through the eyes of Judas in a rock opera format :D.

But like I said, it's a love it or hate it type of movie.

[quote="Young_Thinker, post:2, topic:223193"]
"The Ten Commandments."


+1 :D

I have to say "Jesus of Nazareth." My mother has a huge respect for Robert Powell, who played Jesus. They used to play it, on local TV where I grew up, every Holy Week-- and it doesn't seem right without it. ;)

My favorite is now The Gospel of John.

Best ever, no question, hands-down--

Davey and Goliath's special, "Happy Easter"

Here's a link: daveyandgoliath.org/easter.html

I know, it sounds like a stupid kid's show and it's dollmation, which is ancient technology.

But the story is so touching, one that most adults can identify with. I remember watching this every year with my brother and we would both cry. And when I was a grown-up and VCRs were invented, THIS was one of the first movies I purchased for my children.

Even though it's made by the Lutherans, there's nothing in this movie that would be contrary to Catholic teaching.

Buy it. You'll see.

I agree that The Ten Commandments is marvelous, but it's four hours long--if you have that much time on Easter, then you're darn lucky! Davey and Goliath's special is only a half-hour long. And the Davey and Goliath Easter special is less fiction than The Ten Commandments. That movie is Hollywood all the way--great fun, but it's a lot of imagination. ALL of us lose a Grandma sooner or later, and that's what the Davey and Goliath Easter special is all about--real life and real truth.

The character of Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth moves and talks so slow and has no facial expressions other than "long", it's like he's on drugs or a zombie or something! My husband and I hated that film because of the sloooooowww zombie Jesus. We like to think that Jesus as a human was just a tad more animated.

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