Which is the most authentic Old Testament translation Septuaginit v Masoretic?


I recently came across a you-tube video about st Jerome and the Vulgate

.At the time of Jerome , Christians used the Septuagint Greek translation but Jerome became convinced that this was incorrect and that the Hebrew masoretic text was authentic . Jews had long charged Christians as mistranslating and having extra verses in the christian bible. Jerome was worried about this so to prevent this being used by Jews against the church he only used masoretic text in his Vulgate. But i also read that masoretic text was corrupted by the scribes . Even during the times of the dead sea scrolls there were variations from the scribes adding to it .Jerome thought it was better because it was in the original language not Greek (even though many ancient Jews such as Philo and Josephus used it and considered it divine since the 70 scholars independently produced word for word identical texts). The Septuagint is in fact older and was used in all but 6 of the 360 old testament quotations in the New Testament. This also explains why many new testament quotations are different from the modern old testament.

I also read that the Jews rejected the Septuagint to combat Christianity as they altered the text and the verses which affirmed the messiahship of Jesus. Church fathers even commented on this Justin martyrs dialouge with trypho

" and from the 95th psalm they have taken away this short saying of the words of David."From the wood". For when the passage said "tell ye among the nations, the lord hath reigned from the wood " they have left "tell ye among the nations the lord hath reigned" He says that the Jews removed it because Christians claim that this wood was the wood of the cross.

St Irreneus of Lyon in against the heresies " God then was made man, and the lord himself did save us , giving us a token of the virgin but not as allege among those now presuming to expound the scripture "behold a young woman shall conceive and bring forth a son "

They even removed books that they had previously considered scriptural and later rejected due to their belief that they were originally written in greek. These books are in the catholic bible as inspired scripture but not protestant bibles. But they were wrong and many scholars now know many of these books were originally written in Hebrew such as Sirach and Maccabees .

So is the modern old testament and the vulgate wrong? Is it corrupted by Jews who sough to weaken Jesus' claim for messiahship. Is it not authentic? Should we in fact use the older septuaginit translation? Does anyone have any ideas on this ? I would really like to know because i dont know much about it.


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