Which is the most beatiful langague?

Latin, Arabic, Hebrew,…?

Spoken Russian can sound very good, even if you can’t understand it.


Latin is quite beautiful and Italian, I love Italian:)
I have promised myself that one day Im going to learn Italian and live in Italy for a few years.
I’ve always been thinking that Italian is the language that God prefers due to its beauty:)

Ugliest language in the world is Norwegian, my nativ language:( it’s outright horrible…

Spoken Welsh, IMO.


Irish, there is a popular legend in Ireland that God took all the best bits from the other languages and added his own inspiration and thus Ireland was born. Of course such harmless stories are found everywhere.

There’s a few guys/gals I work with who are from the UK (English and Welsh). I can sit and listen to them talk for hours :slight_smile:

I’ve heard Gaelic, but not enough to judge, so I’ll got with ANY language spoken by the Irish.

Let’s give them the “Most Beautiful Accent” award now. :yeah_me:


What are y’all thinking! Of *course *it’s French!!!


Whatever Language we use to woo our wives, praise our children, laugh with our friends and adore, worship and praise our Jesus Christ and show devotion to His blessed Mother.

L’italiano e molto bello!

I just didn’t want to admit it. :wink:


The language God speak.

#1 - French

#2 - Italian

Happy Saturday to all… :stuck_out_tongue:

Norwegian is not bad. I just listened to a few YouTube videos of people speaking it. It’s Germanic, so not as mellifluous on the English ear as, say, a Romance or Celtic one. But compare your language to German itself, which is related to Norse, but with more phlegm. :smiley:

Accents and regional dialects can have an effect, too. Parisian French can sound quite nice, but I find Quebecois to be a bit harsher. Even within English, you have on the one hand Ronald Colman, and on the other, Archie Bunker.

I like the Romance tongues, except Portuguese, which sounds a bit to me like Spanish spoken by a Russian. I’ve never heard spoken Welsh, but the Welsh accent with its particular cadence can be gorgeous, as can the accents in parts of Ireland and Scotland. I remember listening to an Irish actress once, and finding I was listening not to what she said, but how she said it, she had this wonderful, soft, musical accent, I could have listened to her read the phone book. On the other hand, I have heard an Irish accent which sounded like having a bottle of Guinness smashed over my head and the glass shards shoved in my ear. :rolleyes:

The most beautiful languages are those spoken my God: Love and Mercy.


The language in which you hear someone say “I love you” and mean it…that is the most beautiful language.

I was thinking of Russian, but now I’ll go with this answer.

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