Which is the most Catholic country of them all?

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I did not have the best of childhoods growing up as a Catholic amongst the idiot youths of today (I am from England). If I have kids I want to have kids in a country where there is the most amount of kids going to church and actually being devout Catholics, does anyone know which countries have the highest percentage of youth being devout Catholics?

I was thinking Brazil? Could you list roughly the top 5 most Catholic countries, please? :thumbsup:

I don’t mind learning Portugese or even Korean if I am to move to South Korea :slight_smile: I have nobody cool and devout to chill with so I can learn the language in my spare time haha :smiley:

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Umm…the Vatican…:smiley:
You will find non-Catholics everywhere…so good luck…:slight_smile:

Malta is supposed to be mostly Catholic; I don’t know what language they speak.

Aside from the Vatican, I’d say Malta, too. Malta is something like 98% Catholic; its official state religion (defined by its constitution) is Roman Catholicism. And English is spoken there – Huge bonus. :smiley:

Is The Catholic Answers website a country? :wink:

No stay here. We need you. You can speak up for me when I am forcibly dragged off to abort, or you can re-insert my feeding tube, or you can help me find a hiding place when my children are to be dragged away to be adopted by the state, because I refuse to teach them the gospel of contraception and free sex.

Malta by far. Only 2% do not believe in God.

Whenever I think that the paranoia among right-wing conservatives can’t get worse, I just log on and check the CA message boards. I’m never disappointed.

Hey now. I’m a right wing conservative. I don’t suffer from that paranoia. The left has their fair share as well-Global Warming killing all of us, that’s one. 9/11 being an inside job-that’s another. Islamic terror being no big deal–I could go on!

The far left and right both have their share of conspiracy and paranoia nuts.

Well, what I said was tongue in cheek. Only a bit.
And I would like more UK Catholics to hang about.
How many radical unschooling conservatives have you met BTW?

That’s my biggest problem with Malta – Homeschooling is illegal, and since we unschool, well, yeah, so much for Malta… :smiley:

Homeschooling is ILLEGAL? Why in the world would be it illegal?! I don’t want to homeschool my own children, but illegal? That’s insane! Why?

While South Korea is an interesting place to live, only about 10% of people are Catholic (15% Protestant, 25% Buddhist, and 50% worship ancestors). However, the Church has grown 70% over the last ten years, so it is an exciting place to be Catholic. What’s great though is that kids aren’t pressured by their peers to get into trouble or rebel. They’re all too busy devoting most waking hours to cramming for college entrance exams.

Homeschooling is illegal in most European countries. This is because the government cannot control and indoctrinate you when you are homeschooled. European countries do not trust their own people. Their governments believe that parents are not intelligent enough to teach their own children. People trust the government in Europe but the government does not trust the people.

I’ve never lived anywhere else other than Texas so take my input with a grain of salt :smiley:

My aunt and I went to Spain several years ago during Lent. We went to one of the smaller towns – Ronda. Now, how “Catholic” it is I don’t know; but it was so heartwarming to see purple draped around most of the balconies. You just don’t see that where I live.

But I would think the smaller towns in Italy or Spain would be very Catholic.

Wow. You know, I know that Europe is far, far more left wing than America. I follow politics fairly close abroad, more so here. I hoped with Sarkozy, Merkel, and even Blair, that signfied a trend-I think it still might! Let’s have some faith. You’d think it would be vice versa in the European countries that were so close to Soviet Russia.

At least there is still Poland. Luckily, freedom isn’t illegal their yet.

I don’t suffer from paranoia either…

In fact, I actually kind of enjoy it! :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t have any proof, but I thought it was Poland?:wink:

(That could change or have already done so, due to the European Union.:()

I don’t enjoy it! Nor does my blood pressure! Hey! What are the warning signs of a stroke?! At age 30?

(Morbid humor is my weakness…sorry)

My first thought was Irland. But you know… you need to just look around for a community in your homeland and you will find a wonderful Catholic Church for you to attend and become part of it. It all has to do with a community of people who are mostly Catholics.

I live in a mostly Middle-Eastern community where the people are mostly Muslims.
But yet… there is a strong Phillipino Catholic community. I attend my church which is mostly Phillipino members and I truly enjoy attending my church. There is also a Catholic school.
I also have another choice of attending a Catholic Church that is mostly Latinos in my community.

I think that every country is surrounded by different religions. We are not able to isolate ourselves from other religions but we are able to peacefully attend a Catholic church with lots of Catholic members.

Haiti Island is 99% Catholic. But then they have the one percent Voodoo priests who create a lot of problems for the Catholics.

Brazil is sooo poor that you always have to live in fear of being robbed unless you are super rich and have security protection.

Mexico has lots of Catholics but is surrounded by evil drug lords who have been killing a lot of their people and tourists.

I heard that England is moving towards wanting to return to the Catholic church and is changing for the better by more people becoming Catholics.

Please don’t take my comments seriously because I am just thinking on top of my head and don’t really have the statistics.

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