Which is the movie that shook you up or moved you the most?

the movie that shook me up the most was SCHINDLER’S LIST. I was crying throughout the whole movie and shaking. Being originally from Germany this was a tough one for me.

The other movie that moved me most was THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Seeing the unmeasurable suffering Our Lord endured was heart stopping.
Now its your turn. Please share!

Ordet is probably the movie that has made me the most emotional. It’s a shame almost no one has seen it, because it is without a doubt one of the best movies ever made.


Next in line would be Forrest Gump.

I have the feather.

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I’ve seen a lot of great movies that influenced me at various stages of my life, but the one that turned my world upside down was the animated version of The Lord of the Rings. The film wasn’t a masterpiece of it’s type, but it whet my appetite for the books, and reading the books is what changed my world view, setting me on the road to the Catholic Church.

SCHINDLER’S LIST and THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST are compelling, moving and uncomfortable (in a good way), but the among the movies most likely to have me reaching for a hanky is “Going My Way”. The scene where Fr. Fitzgibbons mother comes in and speaks tenderly to him in Irish always gets me.:crying:

Certainly another one for “The Passion Of The Christ”. Focus on this movie for hope and strength while watching the next two secular documentaries because you’re going to need it:

Absolutely horrifying in parts, is “The Fog Of War” the Academy-Award winning Best Documentary of 2004 about the life of the late Robert McNamara set against the background of World War II and Viet Nam. Methodical, inhuman cruelty as a business decision.

Still another documentary “Trinity And Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie”. Terrifying to think about, man and his pursuit to play God.

If these last two is only a taste of what we have to expect may God have mercy on us all.

Don’t remember the title, but it was a movie about what happened in this ultra-modern ICU hospital unit.

One patient was in a coma, and dying, and the process of this person, though appearing unconscious, the process of this person coming to terms with God while in this condition was portrayed.

What really got to me was when the person said to God, “Darn, I don’t care what all the skeptics say. I want to be with You, Lord.” And that’s when the person died in the movie and his soul was shown going to the Lord.

Sorry to be so vague. But that scene when the comatose person finally gave in to the Lord stays with me.

Freaks. This is billed as one of the most disturbing movies of all times, and I agree.

I also thought of The Day The Earth Stood Still (old version) and Harold and Maude.

Remember The Exorcist? Hubby and I walked out!!

(Sorry off topic - Phoenix - what did the feather mean?)

The speech in Kill Bill Volume II about Superman completely changed how I think about the relationship between life and career.

“What if you didn’t have to pretend you were normal?” What if, indeed. :slight_smile:

No question: “The Breakfast Club.” I will never forget one of the underlying themes of that movie: the older you get, the more a part of your soul dies. (Or something to that effect.) And reading Molly Ringwald’s John Hughest memoriam op-ed in the NYT, about how he resented his ‘brat pack’ growing up and leaving his ‘neverland,’ only reinforced that.

I hear you phoenix! The movie touches me deeply as I have two children with disabilities and don’t know what the future will hold for them. Seeing Forrest struggle and succeed in subtle ways and his affectionate way with the girl that passes through his life, brings hope to me that my boys may have unknown joys in store for them…

Requiem for a Dream. It’s a brutal, disturbing, tragic depiction of extreme drug addiction. Very, very good, if you can stomach it. I’ve never been particularly disturbed by any movie, from the intro of Saving Private Ryan to some pretty gruesome horror movies, but I could barely sit through Requiem, and felt sick afterward.

Schindler’s List and The Passion are one and two for me as well. Some other ones though-Hoop Dreams, United 93

The Up series (a British documentary) is also touching and incredible.

“Band of Brothers” - The mini-series


“We Were Soldiers”

see a pattern… :thumbsup:

“The Passion of the Christ” and “BELLA” (imdb.com/title/tt0482463/).

Hopefully someday there will be a movie about today’s Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe (kolbenet.com/pages/library/st_max_kolbe.html)!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Less than Zero-IMHO every teenager should see it. It shows how you can completely destroy your life with drugs. Ironically, the drug addict was played by Robert Downey Jr who sadly missed the lesson that the movie was trying to teach. It took jail to convince him. I watched it with my goddaughter when she was in HS and it scared her to death, which was my entire point.

I agree with those who listed Schindler’s List-amazing.

As for Passion of the Christ, I don’t really put that in the same classification as other movies. To me, it’s the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary on film and a devotional aid.

The “Razor’s Edge” when I was in high school (didn’t know better). “Bella” recently.

Ditto. Band of Brothers was a mini-retreat for leadership training.

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