Which is the movie that shook you up or moved you the most?

I have seen many of the movies already mentioned. Two movies with the same setting, and are quite unsettling are: ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, and ‘Girl, Interrupted’.

“A Man for All Seasons”, one of my all time favorites, and that moved me greatly when I first saw it. Still does - I want to reach out and strangle Henry VIII.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” has been mentioned by others, and even after 50+ years the last scene still gives me chills. And being a child of the Atomic Bomb era, the potential of annihilating ourselves was all too real, and gave some of us nightmares.

Artificial Intelligence! It’s so tragically sad, With the whole theme of David having so much love, and proportionately so much pain. The part that really gets me is when he gets one last day with his mother, and at the very end before she passes on she tells him finally all that he’s wanted to hear… how much she’s always loved him. Then he dies as well, which was thought to be impossible, and they go to heaven. I cry so much when I watch it! It’s the most beautiful movie scene I’ve ever seen

In a better world, where people all live in peace and milk and honey flow from the ground, Ralph Bacchi was never allowed near a camera.

:rotfl: I know what you mean. His LOTR is better listened to than watched because he stayed quite true to Tolkien’s text. Jackson captured more of the “feel” of Tolkien’s world, but nothing beats the books, of course.

I think it was called “The Day After” with Jason Robards (spel).

I had just become a Dad with my first daughter at the time. For some reason the movie impacted me greatly. Prior to watching the movie I never gave any real credence to the concpet of a nuclear war. Possibly because I didn’t value life all that much prior to my daughter being conceived. This movie scared me. I recall thinking why did I bring a person into this fragile world where the likelyhood of nuclear was a reality.

Kept me up nights.

*World Trade Center

The Passion of the Christ

Schindler’s List

The Kite Runner

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas*

I just recently watched the last one in that list, and it was very moving. Emotional, yes, but extremely moving and thought provoking.

I’ll add a vote in for Schindler’s List, I cried through large parts of that. Along the same lines, Hotel Rwanda is also very moving.

Passion of the Christ, A-1 Artificial Intelligence, Dances With Wolves, and The Scarlet Letter.

You mean the ones that made me cry, right? Its not catholic related, though. I’ve cried through Heidi, Dances With Wolves, My Dog Skip(always cry on that one), White Fang, The Water Horse, and Titanic.

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