Which is the One, True Religion?

Go vote now at my local paper!!!
(Hint: Click Catholicism :thumbsup: )

The Daily Journal

Did it! Where is Richmond County? By the way, I like your style! I hope lots of Catholics post there!

The way they break all these groups apart and lump them back together in the options is scary. Ew. (I voted for Catholicism too of course. :smiley: )


I voted! :slight_smile:


Hmm. Christianity or Catholicism?

[quote=Titanites]Hmm. Christianity or Catholicism?

haha I saw that too when I voted for Catholicism.

anyway thanks to A&O rigging the deck the Catholics are in the lead.

Did it! Only im from chicago so i voted 3 times.

I love you guys! The Church is such a community of Faithful.

Keep the votes coming!

:smiley: (Use all your browsers!)

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