Which is your favorite Mass during Holy Week ("service" if you pick Good Friday)?

So, you have the option of picking either Palm Sunday (yes, I know Palm Sunday is not part of Holy Week, but let’s just consider that it is), Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, or Easter Sunday.

I would have to say that Holy Thursday is my favorite. There is just something about that Mass that you can just feel a tragedy is about to happen. It’s so beautiful too, especially hearing the bells ringing during the Gloria and then remaining silent until the Easter Vigil. Easter Sunday is probably my second favorite. I love hearing the Easter hymn bells play a half an hour before Mass begins, and it just feels like salvation has been won, which obviously, it has.

For me this is difficult (if not impossible) because one leads to another.

However, on Holy Thursday, we follow with adoration. During that time I am constantly reminded of Jesus in the garden, where His followers could not stay awake one hour.

I feel like I have the opportunity to remain with Him for that time. It’s my favorite part of Holy Week.

Easter Sunday, of course. The organ returns in full force and we get to sing that great hymn, Jesus Christ is Risen Today. Ooh, and when the organist pulls out the stops and lets 'er rip. Magnifico! It sets the tone.

The Easter Vigil, which was the first Mass I ever attended when I was about 10 years old. My cousins were Catholic and invited me. It would be many years before I sought to become a Catholic myself but I think I fell in love with the Church that night. The candles, the incense, the music, the vestments… everything seemed like a miracle.

JFTR, my mother used to opine that I was too much into the “dramatic.” eyeroll

easter sunday

Easter Sunday is my favorite because it is the Glorious Resurrection. Just such a wonderful day :smiley:

I also like Maundy Thursday because my Church strips the altar at the end of the service and it is a preview of what is going to happen.


Wait, Palm Sunday isn’t part of Holy Week? And Easter is? Doesn’t Easter belong to, well, Easter? And thus not part of Holy Week which is part of Lent?

I have always had a “love affair” with the old Holy Saturday liturgy before the reforms of Pius XII . . . . you know, the twelve prophies before they were shortened, etc. It seems like we spent most of the day in church which was befitting for such a holy and sacred time, (it all started at daybreak with the blessings of the fires, oils, etc.). Most of you probably do not know to what I am referring; consult a pre 1950’s missal. Such sacred, historic and traditional liturgy makes my spine tingle! Pius changed the liturgy to start in the evening so working folks could attend. Nothing wrong with that but I just miss the ritual which started at daybreak - the chant was different for vespers than lauds; I miss the melody of the lauds chant.It is probably one of my favorite!

Leading up to Easter (Triduum) and actually the entire Lenten season but particularily the Triduum.

I too love Holy Thursday! We celebrate the institution of the priesthood, the sacrament of confession,and the passover( last supper)!

When I came back to the Church it was the Holy Thursday mass that really got to me. I had never seen such reverence before! The young priest was so reverent when he changed the bread and wine into the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ! You could see and feel his love for Jesus in his eyes. I cried. His homily was about sacrifice, suffering and service. Then after mass he lead the Eucharistic procession downstairs to the altar of repose with incense and the Adoration song in Latin. When we were downstairs I saw Catholics kneeling on the hard wood floor in Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. We were allowed to stay and adore Him until midnight. The whole night was sacred and holy.
I was home! :slight_smile:

Now, I know there is no mass on Good Friday but the service with the veneration of the cross is so amazing!
We have a very multicultural parish so there is always have a huge crowd for it. Our very large, wooden cross is up front down below the altar. The same man every year sings softly with his guitar, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” We all join in as we go up to venerate the cross. The church is so packed(people standing everywhere) even out the front doors! The line goes on and on and on. Everyone is very reverent. It makes me so happy to see so many different cultures all together as one body in Christ and I always feel so at peace after this service.

the Easter Vigil is the culmination and source of all liturgies for the entire year so that is my choice

it is many years since I separated in my mind and practice the one continuous liturgy of the Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the day of waiting and anticipation on Holy Saturday shared with the catechumens, and the Vigil.

Easter Vigil, because it’s so long!

I love the Chrism mass on Holy Monday. I love seeing all the Priests come and renew their vows and their commitment to the Lord.

I also enjoy Vespers on Holy Wednesday. I know this is not a “mass” but I love being in the church as it is slowly darkened. It is quiet and peaceful and quite moving

Without a doubt, the Easter Vigil. I don’t attend Mass on Easter Sunday because I am either working, or in the years I am not, I am traveling to be with my family. I’ve been attending the Vigil for years.

Ooops! Didn’t catch myself there. I probably should’ve used Triduum to be more specific. I know that Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday are not considered part of the Triduum, but let’s just suppose that they are in this case.

I love the Chrism Mass, Palm Sunday, and the whole Triduum and Easter Sunday, wouldn’t miss any of it for the world. But my favorite part, like the OP, would have to be the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Hearing the bells at the Gloria knowing that they’re about to be silenced, using clackers the rest of the Mass bell parts, incense, the Roman Canon with inserts, the Solemn Reposition and Tantum Ergo, the silent stripping of the altar… beautiful, and joyful, and sorrowful… powerful.
Of course it wouldn’t mean much without Good Friday and Easter!

(Regarding the Chrism Mass - someone mentioned “on Holy Monday” and I know a lot of dioceses do it then, but the traditional time is on Holy Thursday morning. It is now permitted to be moved back by up to several days. We (Lexington) do it on the Saturday morning before Palm Sunday.)

Easter Vigil! I teach RCIA for kids so getting to see them receive all their sacraments is always an amazing experience. :thumbsup:

I do have a real special fondness for Holy Thursday, but my favorite is the Easter Vigil all the way. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Easter vigil at the cathedral is my favorite. It’s awesome.

I like the Easter Vigil and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday) the most. I went to a Byzantine Holy Thursday Divine Liturgy last year, and while it was beautiful, I was sorely missing the procession of the Blessed Sacrament amid the singing of Pange lingua! This year, I’ll go to a Roman Holy Thursday Mass, and maybe attend a Byzantine Good Friday liturgy.

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