Which is your Favourite Deuterocanonical book?


I have started to really enjoy these books and was wondering which was your favourite?


Each book is really good, my favorite is Tobit


I had a hard time choosing between Wisdom and Sirach. I chose Sirach, but Wisdom is just as much my favorite.

Also, in the book of Daniel, there are wonderful praise songs not found in Protestant Bibles, such as the song of the three young men in the fiery furnace–Ch. 3, vs 52-90. There is also the story of Bel and the Dragon in Daniel, that is not included in Protestant Bibles. These are included in the Deuterocanonical Books.


Tobit is my favorite followed closely by Wisdom.


Wisdom by far!


These are my two favourites; not sure I can choose between them!

Also, my ecumenical contribution to this thread is to recommend reading the Authorised Version (‘King James’ in the US) translation of the Deuterocanon. It’s still in the Church of England’s lectionaries; we just don’t use it to determine doctrine.


I have a personal devotion to St. Raphael, so definitely Tobit!


Tobit, because all those different versions of the book are quite interesting.



Hot Dog! I found my long lost Deuterocanon brother/sister!!!


I like exactly the same books in that precise order as well.


I picked Sirach, it was a close choice between it and Tobit.




I love the dog wagging his tail in Tobit and I loved Patrick457’s discussion about all the different versions of Tobit.

I converted to the Catholic faith Easter 2011–the final straw for my conversion was the book of Hebrews referring to the woman who had all the sons who were tortured in Maccabees. I knew if Maccabees was scripture then praying for the dead was true and if that was true then Protestantism was just wrong!

I like the longest possible versions of all the deuterocanonical books–I guess that is why I cling to Confraternity Douay Bibles as my Bible of choice.

It gives me great comfort as a Catholic to know that the Catholic Church decided what the scriptures were–I don’t have to impose my guess of what the truth is–I can listen to the magisterium! The Catholic Church is so great and God blessed us with the church and the bible which we use all during the Mass!


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