Which is Your Favourite Gospel?


Over the years I have changed which is my favourite.

You may choose more than one.


That is a very hard pick for me! I picked Matthew but to be honest I really dont know. That’s like trying to pick which son or daughter i love most, that’s if I had more than one child. I wrote a book called A COMPLETE COMPARISON OF THE FOUR GOSPELS, and I compared all the Gospel passages extensively, and it really does take all four Gospels to get the whole picture. All four Gospel writers offer their own uniqueness.


I picked Luke because his gospel reminds me of a historical biography, and I like that historical element.


I think John has always been my “favorite”, especially in literary terms. The first three chapters have always been a comprehensive nugget of what Christianity is all about, in a way. And the first few verses are truly majestic. Its sparse language and careful descriptions make it both a masterful and beautiful work of art, in addition to its profound spiritual importance.


I voted for all of them - is that cheating? :smiley:

Matthew because I believe this was the first Gospel, hot off the press if you like closest to the Jewish culture that surrounded the events. If there could be only one Gospel this would be a candidate because of its originality in my book.

Luke because I think it is the most easily dated and attributed to the author. It also ties in the Pauline acceptance of the authority of the apostles testimony given in Matthew.
If there was only one gospel this would be a candidate because of the historical nature of the writing and it ties in with Acts as a full presentation of the beginnings of Christianity.

Mark because i think it is an example of the history of Peter’s attempt to harmonise the Matthew/Luke divide of Jew/Gentile which was an issue in the early Church.

John because already given Matthew and Luke, John gives more understanding and deeper explanation of the incarnation and its meaning. Also I think the authorship of St. John the apostle is very probable and reliable.

I lean towards the first two but I like all of them. In fact I wouldn’t mind having more if they had been written - Philip, James etc but i’m just getting greedy now. :smiley:


John. Very deep & contemplative.


John…the Sacramental Gospel


To me, Matthew is the most accessible. It is the purest book in the canon, if such a thing can be said. I think that’s why we see secular things like Godspell working with Matthew as the starting block.


Me too.


Although I love all the Gospels, I’ll have to go with John because in my eyes, it contains the most evidence for Catholic doctrines. The Eucharist, the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Papacy, Confession among others.


Luke, the Gospel of compassion.

I was disappointed though…for a sec I was thinking it was asking which Gospel story was our favorite! :o


Luke…and John, but mostly Luke. If i want to just open the bible and read a little bit, i usually go to Luke.


I like The Gospel of the Apostle John the most. He goes into strange places and tells awesome side stories and details.


like because of the details and the one on one aspect. :slight_smile:

God bless


I decided to vote for Luke. In part because I also appreciate Acts so much. But his Gospel seems to give more information.

John is second because it’s mystically rich and… different.


Undoubtedly Mark and, to a lesser extent, Luke-Acts. Very concisely he summarises the Good News of the Son of the Living God in a closer and touching way. You know the saying: Brevity is the soul of wit.


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