Which is yr favorite WC USA player?

as for me… cliint dempsey… now plays for fulham… wun be surprised if he plays for Man U one day… very talented player…

jonathan spector… young, quick… brilliant… findley good …

any others…??

As a former keeper of the Brad Friedel build, this one’s easy. Tim Howard. Of course, he’s not such a bad player either!

Oh, you beat me to it! I think Howard is incredible! I remember a few years ago they did a segment about him on 60 minutes. I had no idea who he was then, but it was all about how he was starting on a new team (I think it was Man. United at that time) & how he manages with Tourette’s Syndrome. It was fascinating & he really is amazing!

Wasn’t that Dempsey that scored the goal against England (I’m not familiar with most of them)? I thought he kind of got a raw deal because everyone is busting on that shot. I know it wasn’t the world’s best shot or too hard for a goalie at that level to save, but he made some great fakes & then hit a pretty good shot that Greene couldn’t hang on to. I know it wasn’t that hard, but the initial shot was decent, it was just an easy save after Greene partially stopped it, when it rolled over the line. Even then, when you watch from the camera angle from behind the goal, the ball had more speed than it looked like with the camera in front of the goal. I know I’m babbling, but I just thought he got no credit for his WC goal…

In terms of talent, Dempsey is arguably considered the team’s third best player, after Donovan and Howard. So while the shot itself wasn’t the greatest and should have been a routine save for a keeper at this level (at worst, turning it aside if it was moving a lot), he still is a player of some renown.

I saw that episode too. I knew he was up and coming but did not know what he would eventually make of himself. The manifestations of Tourette’s on the show were not too dehibilitating but were nonetheless it was clear he needed to adapt to them in many facets of his life. Thank God minding the nets is not one where he has had trouble doing so.:thumbsup:

Yes I so agree! Good points on Dempsey, too.

Saw the US game today & it was incredible. The 1st half I was frustrated w/ the US’s play, the 2nd half I was frustratred w/ the ref! What a game, but they were so robbed!:mad:

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