Which Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Color Guard Uniform Do You Prefer?

Which KofC 4th Degree Color Guard Uniform would you prefer to see Knights wear at big/particularly important Masses?

The current uniform which was released within the last few months.

Or its predecessor.

  • Current 4th Degree KofC Color Guard Uniform
  • FOrmer 4th Degree KofC Color Guard Uniform

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I like the new uniform.

I’m a 1st degree Knight and I had no interest to wear the old uniform which I feel is goofy and antiquated.

Now I have more incentive to become 4th degree. It reminds me of my military uniform. And are we not Knights of the Church Militant? Why shouldn’t we look Militant?

The old uniform looks like something out of a Renaissance fair.

IMO the guy on top looks like a Soldier of Christ.

The guy on bottom looks like a cheeseball playing dress up.


I know this is an unpopular view, but I definitely prefer the new uniform. In fact, I’ve long told my husband that I don’t want him to join the 4th Degree because he’d have to spend money on that silly uniform and I don’t know that I could see him wear it without laughing. When I saw the new uniform, I joked that he could finally join the 4th degree. I do think they should have kept the bowtie, though. It adds elegance.


I very much agree. MANY men’s organizations defined their “dress uniforms” around the same time – near the beginning of the 20th Century. The KofC, Oddfellows, Knights of Pythias, Freemasons, etc., etc. Most were tuxedos (or tails) with a bunch of accouterments. It became a competition after awhile. Some uniforms began to look awfully clownish after awhile.

While I might have come up with something a bit different than the new uniform, it is a badly needed update.


I see your points, y’all. I guess I’ll go with the new one.

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The new uniform will look nice and practical at most functions. But can they still wear the old one for the Solemn Pontifical EF Masses where the bishop is showing up in the 20-foot cape? They will look kind of plain without their capes and hats in the procession.

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Doesn’t seem unpopular at all…

Everyone on this thread so far prefers the new.

And the KoC adopted the new because they saw a huge need for it and because people wanted it.

I think it will help revitalize the Knights. We have to do something to attract young men. We cannot survive with 80% of our organization being 60+ years old.


I think there’s a provision for that but im not 100% sure

We have a Knights of Columbus group at our parish but what exactly do they do? I don’t mean that in an ugly way but what id the KOC function in a Church Parish?

I don’t like either of them. I don’t like berets or whatever those plumed hats are called. The weird cape seems to be gone in the new one, so I’d go with the new one if I was forced to make myself ostentatious.

If I was going to wear some sort of special attire, I would prefer a robe or alb, but I can understand not wanting to be confused with a religious.

Usually charitable work. Ours sponsors the Boy Scout Troop as well. They have a fundraiser that provides scholarships to the parish school.

The KofC is largely an insurance company for Catholics. Some councils/squadrons are also quite busy in supporting their parishes with fundraising and that sort of thing. Others focus more on fellowship amongst themselves.

Chapeaus. They’re called chapeaus.

“The KofC is largely an insurance company for Catholics”

Do you mean a literal insurance company?

Yes I do. It’s an insurance company.

OK learn something new every day.

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Like most, if not almost all, fraternal organizations, the K of C functions in part as a life insurance fraternity. It is not a “company” per se.

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The K of C was founded before workmen’s comp and social security were established as government programs. A lot of people, particularly immigrants had a tough time protecting their families, and many of the jobs in the mines and mills were pretty hazardous.

Selling insurance was a pretty important role. Other fraternal outfits like the Lutheran Brotherhood and Greek Catholic Union did this for their own constituencies


Some councils are based in, or actually part of, a parish. They function as a parish organization, under the pastor. They do volunteer work, raise funds, support parish activities. But they also function as part of a national, or international entity, with strong input from the bishops in their nation, and the local bishop of their diocese. They promote prolife, religious liberty, and many other causes supported by the pope and bishops. Go to KofC.org

Would this also include “Woodmen of the World”?

So KOC are just for Catholics? I find this so interesting because I always thought they were just a group of Catholic men that probably prayed together, got together occasionally and had a nice meal and raised money for the Church when it needed things.

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