Which major Catholic news services are to be avoided?

Hey everyone. I know there is quite a few Catholic news services online but I was just wondering, are there any out there that are well known for unorthodoxy? I don’t really care about other things so long as they don’t manage to promote things that are contrary to Church teaching.

News and Orthodoxy are two different things. If you are able to separate the news content from the analysis/opinion then any site is good.

Indeed. Take for example the National Catholic Reporter. They certainly put out some problematic articles. I would probably go so far as to call them the least Catholic of all Catholic news services. But then they also employ John Allen, Jr. as their Vatican correspondent, and I often gain a lot from his articles. He is almost always very balanced in his writing and seldom interjects personal opinion in the reporting of events. I really appreciate that.

Ah okay! Thanks!

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