Which Mass Do I Attend?

I am still in RCIA and I wanted an answer to a question I forgot to ask my teacher. Do I have to attend BOTH the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and the Christmas Day mass?Or is it either or?


I do not know the RCIA rules there. But I am sure it is either the midnight mass or any mass during the christmas day. No need to be in any confusion.

Hope it helps.


We are obligated to attend Mass on Holy Days or the preceding evening.

So you may attend Mass any time on Christmas Eve evening or on Christmas Day. You are welcome to attend on both Christmas Eve and Day as the masses usually have different readings, but it is in no way required. :thumbsup:

The Friday evening or Sat morning Masses are for the Holy Day of obligation for Christ’s birth.

Only Saturday evening Masses (after 5 p.m.) will count for Sunday obligation. At our parish, there are no Saturday evening Masses scheduled. We all will attend on Sunday for the Sunday obligation.

You may have four choices. For the celebration of our Lord’s Birth the Church provides four different Masses (each one has different propers and different readings):

*]Vigil Mass: late afternoon/early evening on 24th
*]Midnight Mass: late night on 24th
*]Dawn Mass: early on 25th
*]Day Mass: anytime on 25th
Any one of these Masses fulfils the obligation. Of course, you may choose to go to more than one.:slight_smile:

Unless you’re becoming a Byzantine Rite Catholic, then no. Roman Catholics only have one obligation to attend between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You are free to attend more than one if you want to. But one is enough to fulfill your obligation.

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