Which mass would you like to attend often?

If you have a choice to attend one of the mass in the following language, which one you would choose?

If you have a choice to attend one of those mentioned in the pole, which one you would choose? and why? :slight_smile:


Never been to tridentine, like Latin, like the idea of mass going on in the language that the people understand.

Those are odd choices?

Remember the Latin mass from young childhood, studied the language, have the old missals, have not had the opportunity for nearly 40 years (there is no Indult for the entire state of Vermont; the closest Latin Mass offered is over 100 miles away); would welcome hearing and participating in something I remember with love and joy.

I know it is a little bit odd ;), but it does happen to few people where they have to make the choices mentioned above.

Would you believe that when my diocese ordained a young priest of Vietnamese ancestry, my choir sang the litany in Vietnamese? And we had a lovely choir from his home parish,
Emmanuel Le Van Phung, sing the Offertory hymn in Vietnamese?. So, sure I would.

OOps, I thought I made only one post. It was the other one having a poll.

Anyhow, thank you Brother Hrolf. I enjoyed singing in a Vietnamese choir in my diocese, but it is not my parish. It is hard for me to join both parishes. So, currently, I am registered with an English/Spanish community parish.

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Thanks Brother Hrolf. I used to be in a Vietnamese choir, but the church is not parish, and it was hard for me to be between two parishes. I like to sing Vietnamese songs in mass.

Ah, another Emmanuel Le Van Phung, he is one of the Vietnamese Martyrs.

ARgh! I can’t vote as it would be a Novus Ordo in Latin.

Not really, I just went to a Vietnamese wedding a few months ago. Very beautiful. I don’t understand Vietnamese at all but I could follow it and the Mass.

TLM all the way.

Oops, I am sorry. I wasn’t familiar with all the terms - I am still new to this and thanks for responding.

TLM for sure!

What I don’t understand is why places like the Shrine I go to,
will celebrate Mass for pilgrimes in Spanish, Polish, Solvok,
and all different kinds of languages but, they oppose Latin!
The universally language of the church said for over 1,500 years!
Makes no sense to me but, nothing has made sense since V2.

What was the Church concerned about before Vatican II?
What were the reasons they thought that we needed to have it?
I found this on the web:
Christian unity was the Pope‘s distant goal, no doubt,
but his immediate aim was ‘to let some fresh air into the Church’
and to promote within her an aggiornamento.(bring her up to date).

If that’s the reason I just don’t get it! It has Failed!
Mass Attendance & Vocations have dropped dramatically!

I went to my 1st Latin Mass about 15 years ago
& I never felt the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so much in my life.
I was in total awe. The whole focus was centered on what was
happening on the Altar, no distractions at all.

I get so upset & frustrated when I go to the Novus Ordo.
I have never been to a Latin Mass where I was distracted by something
that was taking place during Mass.
Everything distracts me in the Novus Ordo:
Extraordinary Ministers, girl Altar Boys,
Communion in the Hand, Inclusive Language,
Holding hands at the Our Father, Hand shaking(hugging & kissing),
The talking & total disrespect for our Lord,
The list goes on & on …

I will sit on the left side of the church & hope that the Priest will
be on that side at Communion time but, that doesn’t always happen,
so, I get frustrated right before receiving our Lord.
My only choices are to not go to communion, stay in the line I’m in and
grin & bare it or be embarrassed by jumping to the other line!

It shouldn’t be this way.
None of these problems existed before Vatican II.

Anybody else frustrated as me?
I just want to go to Church & worship without distractions!
Is that too much to ask?

Sorry, but I needed to vent! It’s just a difficult time were living in.
I should just offer my sufferings up to the Crucified Lord and stop
complaining. He will be back soon enough to restore order.

Peace & Love ~ Bob

This happens at the indults as well, especially when another priest grabs a ciborium out of the Tabernacle. [Edited by moderator–denigrating the NO Mass consecration as “invalid”]

Thanks Bob for your reply.
While I am still not sure why Latin was opposed, I can understand clearly why we have mass in different language. It is because not many people understand Latin. We go to mass to participate in the Mass; if one cannot understand the language, it will make the person harder to participate. For instance, would you be comfortable going to a Vietnamese mass?

The majority people in poor country, even in rich country, do not know Latin. That is the main reason. You might say, we should learn the language. Well, not many people have a language skill; besides, not all has chance for education.

Distraction can make a person difficult to focus. However, when the problem arise, leave it up to God. Let go things around you that distract you, it will help you focus to the Mass. Pray to God for that. God helps me, thus there is no reason God doesn’t want to help you focus.

I too want to receive the Communion from a priest. However, if that doesn’t happen; I am happy to receive from a lay person. After all, I am receiving the Eucharist, nothing from the person who let me receive.

I could see your reference; however, if nothing had changed, I would called “go to watch a Mass” for I do not understand a word of Latin.

God bless.

Probably a lot more than you think. Check out a lot of the roots of English words. Check out some legal expressions. Check out some anatomical names. The Mass, don’t worry about. Most of it is said quietly by the priest anyway. And the epistle and gospel is presented again in the vernacular so you won’t miss a thing.

By the way, did you know we use the ecclesiastical pronunciation of “et cetera” (and other things) and “ceteris paribus” (everything else being equal) in our conversation?

Otherwise, we’d be saying ET KET’ ERA and KE TER’ IS PAR’ EE BOOS, according to classical Latin pronunciation.

My sentiments exactly.

Why couldn’t they have modeled the NO after Divine Liturgy is my question ???

From the beginning of the NO to the eucharistic prayer, the liturgy is choppy and is hard to unite with the sacrificial priest in prayer.

Yes, there are a lot of things going on at a Mass. Are all parts of LTM in Latin - no English at all?

If it is all in Latin, and the person does not speak English, then how similar the Latin words to English, he/she can’t still understand.

I also understand that we can somehow participate in the mass, but it cannot be as much as when someone really understand what is going on.

For example, for me, during the Mass, I normally mumble along with what priest says especially when he reads all the prayers. Besides other parts of the mass, there are two times when priest says “Let us pray”. That is when I pray along with him. I wouldn’t be able to do that if it was in any other language that I can’t speak/understand.


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