Which method of NFP should I use?


I am new at this and am afraid of using NFP. I recently stopped using ABC and want to learn how to use NFP but am uncertain of which method works better. Any suggestions?


Sympto-thermal works for us! Don’t be ‘scurrred’ as the kids say. I trust it more than I would trust some unknown chemical! It’s like having a real-time monitor into your current fertility state.

God Bless you for giving NFP a chance! It is a wonderful thing!


I’m not sure there is a blanket answer as to which method ‘works best’.

I think it’s more a matter of which method is a better fit for a particular couple at a given stage of life.

In general, most couples will do well with any of the major methods. But factors such as regularity of cycles, sleeping schedules (or lack thereof) of the couple, breastfeeding, perimenopause, etc, might make a certain method a better choice.

And then there’s the matter of which kind of instruction is available in your area.


Read up on the websites and contact instructors to ask questions. All the methods of NFP are effective.

I use Creighton.

www.creightonmodel.com and www.fertilitycare.org

Also look at Sympto-Thermal


& Billing Ovulation Model



I use Creighton too!!!

I decided on this one after talking to some friends and doing my research. This method had very good stats (so do the others) plus with working crazy hours, this was the method for me.

I think it depends on you but any of them will work well as long as you and your hubby are commited.


If you’re a mathematical person, you might like the temperature and graphing aspect of STM.

If you prefer something that will help you understand your overall health, Creighton has had a lot of research done connectiong that method with symptoms of other, non-reproductive health issues.


Just a note, the sympto-thermal method can also indicate other health issues, not just Creighton… :thumbsup:



True, however, Dr. Hilgers perfers Creighton when using NaPro technology.

Both are good methods :thumbsup:


I use STM. I would recommend taking a class or purchasing the home study course. It’s a lot of information to digest!

NFP is awesome. It’s just as effective, if not more, than the birth control pill.


**Just want to mention that if you were using the birth control pill, expect to have a rough start with NFP. It takes time for those hormones to clear out of your system and for your body to learn what it is supposed to do after being suppressed. I was on the pill for many years before learning NFP and I would say it took more than half a year to see any sort of pattern to my cycles and for my body to even start producing cervical mucus. It was tough because I was already married and it required much abstaining. But it was worth it!



Sympto-thermal user here! :smiley:

The reason I love it so much is because of how much information you can work with… not only mucous signs, but cervical and temperature signs too…
I do well with lots of DATA… (guess that’s why I’m an engineer! :wink: )


As a teacher of the STM method, I recommend that you try to find a class if you are interested in this method. I have had personal experience (and have heard LOTS of stories from my fellow teaching couples!) with couples who have contacted me about taking the class series after attempting the home study course and becoming thoroughly confused! Of course, home study is offered if there are no classes offered in your area, but if you can find one, do! It’s much easier if there is a couple you can contact at any time to clear up something that you don’t understand.

If it turns out that you take the home study course, make use of the contacts at CCL freely. I have had couples taking the home study course who have contacted me by e-mail to ask questions and clarify for them. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Has anyone heard of cyclebeads? My Dr recommended these… :confused:


Stay FAR away! :hypno:

Cycles beads are based on the Standard Days Method, in other words-- the Rhythm Method.

Cycle Beads are not modern NFP, and I have no idea why any doctor would ever recommend them! Yikes! :banghead:


:blush: I can’t believe this person told me this. I am trying to learn STM, but she recommended those beads… and to think she’s Catholic… grrr


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