Which middle school program?

Which Theology of the Body program for middle schoolers?
These seem to be the two contenders:




I so wish I could help, but this is not my area of expertise. Hopefully someone more qualified than I will see this.

Thanks. I’ll probably have to buy whichever program myself, our school’s budget is so tight. Though I did put it on my wish list for our parents to consider.

I use a good deal of Ascension Press material in my youth programs. They make a TOB for middle schoolers. It can get expensive if you buy all the workbooks also but I have found the workbooks aren’t really necessary to teach the topics. You could buy the starter pack and possibly ask parents to buy the workbooks.

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Yes, this is one of the two I’m considering—and I’m leaning towards it because of the starter pack.

First, check with the Diocese (either the Rel Ed office if this is to be at a parish or the Office of Catholic Schools if it is a school class). Find out what is approved for use in your Diocese.

Theology of the Body is used in my diocese, yes. It’s an adjunct to the Religion class, which has its own standards. It’s also used in youth ministry.
My principal approves, that’s all that matters as far as any permissions.

I’ve purchased several of their teen & middle school formation programs and will purchase a couple more this year. Fortunately my parish values religious education & formation by giving the DRE and I generous budgets.

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