Which missal is the best to buy?

Hi, My name is Ruth Gladvin. I am a protestant christian. I have been reading books on Catholosism for about a year now. I have a question about missals. I have been looking at web stores on missals. I am planning on buying one for me to follow along with the scripture readings. I was wondering what would be the best one for me to buy? I am interested in a daily missal but I am little confussed right now.

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I would not make the $100 investment just yet for a Daily Roman Missal. We are in the process of changing the texts of our prayers (at least Rome and the bishops are) and things will change. Your best bet might be to visit your local Catholic bookstore and pick up a copy of the monthly publication called “Magnificat”. This little book has all of the Mass readings for the given month. Now, in April, they have two little books, as Holy Week comes with its own particular readings and rituals. Magnificat also provides some great meditations and helpful insight about the Church.

If you are able to, I would encourage you to make an effort to attend Holy Week services. This is the most important time of the Church’s year since we derive everything from the Paschal mysteries.

God bless you!

I don’t know which missal is best (the only one I have is in Latin), but until you make your decision you can find the daily Mass readings here (just click on the date): usccb.org/nab/

I would agree with Benedictgal on the “Magnificat”. It has al sorts of usefull hints and explanations in it. Once you become more comfortable you might want to go to a yearly volume.

That depends on what missal you are looking for. There are two types of missal one corresponds with the 1962 edition of the liturgy (Traditional Latin Mass), and the other one to the 1970 edition of the liturgy (New Order of Mass, Vatican II). TLM is bi-lingual (Latin-English) while NOM is in the vernacular.

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Thank you for your replies. I have been using the mass reading everyday for a while for my personal bible readings daily. I kind want a book to use. I have noticed that the readings go together. All the readings have the same theme.

I also agree with Benedictgal. The Magnificat is awesome; several of my RCIA mates use them. I wish I had known about the upcoming changes or I would not have bought my St. Joseph’s Missal set. That particular set was $95 too.

My understanding is that the text has already changed, they’re just not approved for use yet. Apparently the bishops in South Africa mistakenly used the new texts and some were not too happy with the translations. The error was acknowledged and I believe (not entirely sure) that they are going to continue to use the new translations.

You can read about it here.

:thumbsup: Yup. When my husband and I first came back to the Catholic Church we were both under the mistaken assumption that they did not use the Scriptures much at all. When we went to our first Mass in a decade for me and decades for him we were astonished because none of our Protestant churches we’d been involved in used nearly as much Scripture! I love that the Church, through the readings over the course of the year and by tying the Old Testament with the New, shows the cycle of life that our faith is based on; that really blew my mind that in a 1 year cycle we went from life to death and resurrection and covered all the other bases in between. I feel like you can really celebrate here.

I can’t recommend much regarding the daily missal, but I wanted to share a little bit about my experience regarding the readings and to say that I know you will be blessed through them. :wink:

Jimmy Akin’s Mass Confusion would probably be a helpful text for you to buy along with your Missal, or to follow at the usccb.org site. It’s an easy, clear read explaining what/when/why things take place during the Mass.

The usccb.org/ is really easy to navigate, too. :slight_smile:

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