which missal?


i know next to nothing about missals, maybe even less… but i was wondering there is a specific missal the priest is supposed to use in Mass? are there “good” and “not so good” missals or even banned ones? or is there just one that is supposed to be used and what is it? thanks


Usually a Priest would use an altar missal but in the absence of that I have seen the Daily Roman Missal being used as a substitute. The Daily Roman Missal is also superior to the Collins Weekday and Sunday Missal.

This is assuming the Missal of Paul VI (Novus Ordo) is used.


First, I would like to second demerzel85’s recommendation of the Daily Roman Missal. It is an excellent hand Missal.

When it comes to the altar Missal that a priest would use I believe that the latest version of the Novus Ordo Mass is the 2002 edition released under Pope John Paul II.

And I could be wrong (going off of memory here) but I think that although it is usually referred to as a Missal most priests actually use 2 separate books - the Sacramentary which contains the prayers of the Mass - and the Lectionary which contains the readings. These 2 books together make up the Missal.



The 2002 Missale Romanum is in the process of being translated into English, so unless the Mass is celebrated in Latin, it is not possible to the the 2002 Missale Romanum. The reason why it is taking quite awhile is that a greater deal of accuracy is being brought into the translation over the previous edition.

And yes there is the Sacramentary and Lectionary. There can also be the Book of Gospels as well.


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