Which mountain?


Matthew 5; 1Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and when he sat down his disciples came to him.

Which mountain?



I haven’t a clue.

Shouldn’t this be in the Scripture forum?



According to The New Jerome Biblical Commentary … "the mountain: It is not named, but functionally it is a mount of revelation (as frequently in the Bible and in Matt), a symbolic Sinai. There is no need to harmonize it with Luke 6:17, ‘a level place.’ "

More interestingly though is: was Jesus addressing his disciples alone? Not so according to Matt 7:28. From Matt 5:1 you would think it’s only the disciples to whom he was preaching.


Does it make any difference what mountain it was?


it could either be a raised area of ground in the region where he was preaching, so the people could see him (remember Luke has this discourse as the sermon on the plain) or it could be a metaphor for Jesus preparing to deliver divine revelation, since a prophet goes up to the mountaintop to receive revelation from God and deliver it to the people a la Moses.


I was thinking and praying about my own question. Thus more questions and ideas.

Since Jesus is true God and true man, perhaps it is the same mountain as in Psalms. The Psalms that come to my mind are 43, 3; 3, 5; 15, 1; 24, 3; 36, 7; 48, 2 and Isaiah 56, 7.

God dwells on a mountain in the Psalms. Jesus goes up a mountain, what other mountain would He go up?

The Transfiguration is perhaps the same mountain, that is, God’s dwelling place.

Might the commentaries address this?

Do the Doctors and Fathers address this?



I think that this is a good question.

Any help!!!


In St. Matthew chapters 5 and 17, the mountain seems to go unnamed.

I believe it is God’s dwelling, as in the Psalms.

Any other opinions?


Honestly, I need you to forgive my bold answer.

The only Biblical answer that I can discern is: Jesus went up God’s Mountain for the Sermon on the Mount and the Transfiguration.

It is from the Psalms: The Psalms that come to my mind are 43, 3; 3, 5; 15, 1; 24, 3; 36, 7; 48, 2 and Isaiah 56, 7.

It is a real mountain. It is where God dwells. It is the literal location.


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