Which NFP method detects ovulation earliest?


Between creighton, billings, la Marquette, and checking cervical position is there any method that starts showing ovulation signs as early as 7 days prior?

I'd appreciate this info specifically in the post partum period. I know I've gotten pregnant on day 6 or so after intercourse, so clearly DHs little guys survive quite a bit inside my body. We were trained with billings but the cm changes are all over the place since im BFing so I would like to know if any method could help me detect ovulation 7 days in advance.

While I have a regular cycle it's all very straightforward and easy but in this PP period it's much more challenging so we've recoursed to abstinence for the past 4 months...we would love to resume however since it could be months before my cycle returns!



(I know Billings and Creighton) I am just vaguely familiar with other methods.

Part of observing is checking for mucus on light and very light days of your period. Mucus can start that early and is the most important element for conception.

Only caveat is that Creighton requires abstinance for the first cycle (if menstruating) or four weeks if breastfeeding… so you can learn the method.

Hopefully an instructor is available near you. Instruction is normally one on one, so you don’t have to participate in a class, but a more personal appointement.


CCL has a guidebook for the postpartum period you may want to look into. Even though you're trained in a different method, I don't think it would be too difficult for you to figure it out.
I don't think any method can predict ovulation 7 days ahead of time, unfortunately. That's why surprises are most common in phase 1! Mucus shows up well ahead of ovulation, though, so you know the countdown has started once you see it. Thats's about as close as you can get to predicting that far ahead of time. Sperm die out quickly without mucus around so if you have some dry days you shouldn't have to abstain that far in advance of ovulation.


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