Which of these Bibles for a teen boy?

My nephew is being confirmed this weekend. The Catholic bookstore has 3 Bibles for teens:

  • Catholic Teen Bible
  • Breakthrough Bible for Young Catholics
  • Fireside Catholic Youth Bible

Anyone here have any positive or negative to say about any?

I want to do it right this time–my husband and I are his godparents and when he was baptized, I got him a Protestant Bible, because I liked the Precious Moments pictures and the little short commentaries in it. I didn’t know the difference at the time. :rolleyes:
So, any opinion is appreciated!

Also, any other Confirmation gift ideas welcome. :slight_smile:

If you want a Bible for a young person, get this one. Don’t let the title put you off. It’s definitely Catholic, has many sidebar articles, color illustrations and tons of maps.
My priest has me get it from many people who are learning more about the faith.
He’s a Scripture scholar and he says it’s very thorough and a good translation.


I used to have a “Catholic Youth Bible.” Plenty of ancillary material and multicolored maps. I don’t have it anymore because I gave it to a younger person in need of a Bible :slight_smile: so I don’t have an ISBN Number to offer you, but f you can find something like that, get it.


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