Which of these charities are acceptable for a Catholic to donate to?

I am thinking of making a little extra money online doing surveys and donating my “points” to charity. These are some of the charities that I can donate to on this particular survey website:

Habitat for Humanity
Make a Wish Foundation
Oxfam America
Save the Children
American Heart Association
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
American Red Cross

I am wondering if Habitat for Humanity promotes building houses for gay and lesbian couples? Do the Heart Association, Diabetes Association, or Cancer Society do unacceptable reserach with fetal stem cells? Does the Red Cross, Oxfam America, or Save the Children promote birth control? Do any of these organizations support Planned Parenthood or gay marriage?

save the children supports birth control. :frowning:

What an interesting thought, I would have probably just picked one without doing any research like you are doing. A lesson learned, thanks:thumbsup:

Habit for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International describes itself as “a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry” seeking to “eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.”

In mid-May 2008, American Life League learned that Habitat for Humanity had verbally agreed to an arrangement that would help Planned Parenthood open an abortion facility in Sarasota, Florida. The agreement, which at the time had not been finalized, would fulfill a city requirement that would allow Planned Parenthood to acquire the occupancy permit it needs to open.

See all.org/stopp/wsr080521.htm




ALL received news on the morning of June 4, 2008 that the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota, Inc. voted on the evening of June 3, 2008 to disengage itself from Planned Parenthood and not go through with a planned land deal.



Habitat for Humanity have promoted a ‘Pride’ build on their website:


Not sure about Make a Wish foundation.


Chief of Oxfam has criticized a ban on abortion linked aid in Australia.

Save the children

Works with pro abortion organizations.

American heart association

The AHA states that they “only deal with issues that impact heart disease and stroke and therefore we have no policy one way or the other on abortion.”

Regarding stem cell research, the American Heart Association states on its website that it “does not fund any research involving stem cells derived from human embryonic or fetal tissue.” However, it also states that “the American Heart Association recognizes the value of all types of stem cell research and supports federal funding of this research.”

Further, while the AHA states that it “views cloning to create human beings and cloning to create humans or embryos for research materials as unacceptable,” the AHA website presents misinformation on the process of cloning via somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). This information is most likely to lead the reader into believing that cloning, or SCNT, does not, or cannot, produce a human being. This is false.

In June 2000 the AHA’s Board of Directors voted to adopt a policy to continue supporting meritorious research involving cloning and to support federal funding of cloning research.

Print screens of AHA website pages web.archive.org/web/20080313093549/http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4539 mailed on December 22, 2006.


American cancer society

The American Cancer Society is not considered a pro-life organization for the following reasons:

  1. Support for human embryonic stem cell research
  2. Grant funding at facilities known prominently for human embryonic stem cell research
  3. Grant funding for morally questionable research
  4. Grant funding to Planned Parenthood
  5. Referrals to Planned Parenthood as a health information/education resource
  6. Donations to the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Global Cancer Campaign (see entry for LiveStrong)
  7. Failure to acknowledge the link between previously induced abortion and risk for breast cancer
  8. Suggested fertility options including IVF, embryo freezing, egg/sperm donation and surrogacy


American diabetes association

“The American Diabetes Association applauds this morning’s statement by Majority Leader Frist announcing his support of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. By easing restrictions and supporting research that uses embryonic stem cells – while also implementing strong ethical guidelines – this legislation provides hope to the more than 18 million Americans living with diabetes.” (italics added)

Copy of News Release issued July 29, 2005 mailed along with cover letter on December 22, 2006.

The American Diabetes Association also issued a press release on Friday April 13, 2007 entitled “American Diabetes Association lauds Senate for passage of Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.” The release applauded the Senate’s decision to pass S. 5 “which will accelerate stem cell research by easing existing funding restrictions and supporting research that uses embryonic stem cells, while maintaining strict ethical guidelines.”

See comments under ACSH and CAMR.


Red Cross

The Red Cross says it is not involved with abortion. But in a number of cases, Red Cross societies have been involved as partners in programs that involve contraception.

Salt Lake Olympics

In one of the most recent examples, a Red Cross chapter in Salt Lake City was a partner in SafeGames2002, a program which distributed 250,000 “safe sex kits” during the Olympic Winter Games. Each kit contained two condoms.

Witnesses reported that despite assurances, the condoms were given to minors. The Red Cross subsequently withdrew from the program, but only after the bulk of the distribution was complete.

Adolescent programs

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is listed on a United Nations Population Fund roster of organizations involved in the effort to support “adolescent reproductive and sexual health.”

Among the other “partners” are the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the Margaret Sanger Center International (an outreach of Planned Parenthood of New York City, which was guided for many years by Sanger’s grandson).

Who’s paying for all this? The UNFPA lists two major benefactors: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations and the United Nations Foundation. The latter is the organization that media mogul Ted Turner established to disburse his $100 million dollar grant.

Refugee programs

For several years, the UNFPA has been looking for ways to assist the people of Afghanistan. In 1998, it ordered studies on ways of effectively delivering “training, contraceptives and the delivery of Reproductive Health Services to Afghan refugees.”

The UNFPA also wanted to find organization capable of delivering the goods. The top name on its “go-to” list was the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This program also included distribution of IUD kits. Money was also to be provided for training doctors in IUD insertion and in the use of other contraceptives.


Wow, it’s starting to look like I should trade the points for gift cards and then buy diapers for my local crisis pregnancy center or school supplies for my neighborhood school. This is so sad about these charities.

I gays and lesbians should live in the street, huh? :shrug:

You donate to whom you think you should donate. I myself don’t boycott… I do support the American Red Cross, Unicef, Amer Cancer Society (Relay for Life), American Lung Association, Autism Speaks and the National (and state) Autism Society,


2 things I find troubling/disturbing about this news:

  1. It’s pretty much unsafe to donate to anyone…
  2. It seems as if no medical research breakthroughs are happening without stem cell research.

I wouldn’t donate to any of them. Instead, I would donate to a Catholic charity such as Catholic Charities.

If that is an option, it sounds like a wonderful plan! I especially like the idea of helping the mothers and babies at the pregnancy center. Helping the school children is good, too. That way you don’t have to worry where your help goes and you are helping local people.

May God bless those who benefit from your kindness.

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