Which of these is worse?


Which is worse? Gluttony or wasting food?


Depends on what you mean by gluttony and wasting food.



How do you mean?


You explain what you mean by the gluttony and wasting food.



Food that is in excess of your needs is garbage. Don’t eat garbage! It does no good for anyone to eat it.


Well… waisting food can be a form of Gluttony.

When eating too much or waisting food is due to an over abundance of food, then it very well might be gluttony.

Gluttony is not limited to food & drink. It can also refer to wealth & luxury.

So waisting food is not the opposite of gluttony, it’s simply a form of it.

NOTE: wasting a little food where isn’t not practical to save or give to the poor is not sinful. But waisting tons of food due to greed, mismanagement, etc may be sinful.

Gosh bless


Food that is in excess of your needs is garbage? What does that mean?
If it’s your dinner, it’s called leftovers. Eat it for lunch the next day or recycle it into a pot of soup or a casserole.
If it’s your groceries, stop buying so much or give it to a food pantry.


I agree because that then is not in excess of your needs.
What l think the OP was referring to is the believe that you need to clean your plate to avoid throwing it away. We should not eat beyond what we need.


I think the real answer is preparing amounts of food that either conform to what you are likely to finish and/or have as left overs. The reality though is much more food is wasted because it doesn’t look perfect or has “expired”. The problem with expiration dates is that some of them are pretty arbitrary and sometimes not required at all. Does anyone seriously think a Coke that is 3 years old is dangerous or it will taste much different?


Thank you for your response.

I guess what I want to know more specifically is this:

If you take (objectively) the two acts of gluttony and wasting food unnecessarily separately, which one is worse on its own?


Why does it matter what’s worse? Don’t be a glutton and don’t waste food. If you’re at a restaurant you can take your food home and refrigerate it. It’s not a sin to dispose of the food you didn’t eat on your plate at a restaurant if you know you’d be better off without it (maybe it was your one cheat meal for the week)

As far as gluttony is concerned, it’s only sinful when you eat SO much in excess that you harm yourself or you can’t think straight.


Thanks for your response.

I don’t ask the question becuase I’m worried about committing a sin. I ask simply out of curiosity to see if there is a right answer.


I think both come from the same disordered view of food. It’s just the same sin manifested in different ways imo


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