Which of these Protestant groups do you find the most heretical?


There have been many major Protestant groups and offshoots throughout the years.

In 1517 we have the Lutherans, and then the **Calvinists(Presbyterians) **and **Anabaptists **from that.

And in 1534 we have the Anglican Church, where the Methodists come from in 1784, and the **Pentecostals **come from them in 1901.

And as we look back to the Calvinists, which shot up in 1536, we have the Congretationalists and Baptists that came up around 1607.

From the Baptists we have the Churches of Christ and the Adventists.

Which of these do you find to be the most heretical?


Oh, goodness. Well, first of all, if I were a Protestant I don’t think I’d appreciate the phrasing of the poll. Second, I’m not certain that Anglicans are considered “Protestant,” are they?

However, I feel so strongly about the SDA faith that I am voting, and that is my vote. At least all the other sects listed agree that God’s revelation to humanity was completed in the Apostolic age, whereas Adventists believe God added to His revelation when He allegedly gave Ms. White further prophecies. In my view that puts them in the same category as the Mormons.


Its a close choice between Baptists and Adventists, but only because I have family members in these denominations and understand them better than the other choices.

I chose Adventists because of their choice to hold onto certain Old Testament (no shellfish or pork…) verses but avoiding others like cutting the hair on the side of you head. I just don’t understand how they can pick and choose, but be so certain you’re going straight to the hot place down below if you eat at Red Lobster.


For me it’d have to be the Baptist churches. I used to be a Baptist so maybe I just have something against them. But they teach so many heresies such as once saved always saved, baptism by immersion only, salvation by faith alone, etc… I almost chose the Adventist churches but I do not know that much about them.


As a Protestant, I both understand the purpose for this thread and am somewhat disturbed by it.

I currently go to a pentecostal church, I was Anglican for years, Methodist for two years, and don’t know much about the rest…So I’m actually not going to vote, but with my very uninformed opinion I’m thinking Church of Christ and Seventh Day Adventists are probably the most heretical.

This thread reminds me of the time an Anglican friend of mine and myself printed out some of the first Anglican “what we believe” documents, and told the Catholic priest we were talking to that we had heretical documents. :smiley: (We were in campus ministry at our very Catholic college!)


Greetings and peace be with you all,

I feel very sad this thread was started, we are being asked to make judgements about other people, whilst overlooking all our own faults.

Baptists, Lutherans, Anglicans follow Jesus; and Jesus said where two or three are gathered in my name, then I am there also.

Who are we to say where Jesus is?

In the spirit of praying for peace on Earth,



Frankly I think this is a stupid poll.

However the only heretics were the original groups of followers of Luther, Zwingili and Calvin(who were all Catholics) who actually split from the Catholic Church. The others are not heretics. As the Church has pointed out they are separated brethern. I was born and brought up a Methodist before converting to the Catholic faith. Neither I not the Catholic Church considered me a heretic while still a Methodist.
By definition a heretic is a Catholic who rejects one or more of the Church teachings.


I am not anti-Protestant. Heresy can show up on either side of the Tiber.


Oh Brother…:shrug: :rolleyes:

I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but the** only **time I use wording like this it comes all back at me!

I needed to say something because I have just started to realize some of these beliefs!!
Such as the Adventists:

“Death for all people is an uncinscious state. At Christ’s return the righteous will be raised for life in Heaven…”


**Thank you for your kind words. **


Adventist, because they believe in new revelation. If you’d included Mormons that would have been my first choice.

These people adhering to all these faith traditions are in a state of Material Heresy–they adhere to falsehood. The Formal Heretics were Martin Luther, John Calvin, etc. To be formally a heretic means you yourself turned away from the True Faith and embraced one contrary to it publicly and persisted wilfully in the face of any and all attempts to call you back to the Faith.

So what these denominations teach is heretical. The people who accept the heresies are in a state of material heresy, for which they may or may not be to blame depending on the state of their ignorance–wilful or otherwise. Only God knows these variables in the human heart.

The true Formal Heretic is a much more rare thing than the material heretic. (sorry it sounds harsh, but keep in mind it means one who embraces that which is heretical while remaining innocent of wilfulness or malice in the matter).


Perhaps the choice of words on others part was not thought out well. Don’t be insulted, they weren’t calling YOU stupid ( I hope). :o

I think reverts like myself are careful not to fall into the same trap we fell into when we were not Catholic: being identified by what we are against. Perhaps that is why the word ‘heresy’, used so flippetly when I was an anti-Catholic, is used more carefully now. We walk a fine line and thus it is better to let the Church decide what or who is heretical.

Anyway, we didn’t mean to offend.


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