Which one do I choose for holy matrimony?.

I am 44 years old, living in Uganda and traditionally married to two wives. Since I joined the Catholic Charismatic Renewal the preaching about marriage touched my heart and I realized I have lived in SIN for quiet along time not knowing; that I was not in good books with My creator (God)!.

I am now torn apart in choosing whom to wed between the two women. The first wife died leaving me with 3 children. The second wife whom could have been the appropriate choice heart me so much that I brought the third wife.

I have stayed with the second wive for 18 years and she has 4 children. She got involved in unfaithfulness up to an extend that she had a relationship with our priest and most of the members in congregation new about this. I tried all possible ways to make the priest a wear that I know about their relationship with my wife by getting a print out of their mobile communication with audio voices from the telecommunication company. This worked out and he(priest) avoided her and he was later transferred because he(priest) was not cooperating with the parish priest. She has the characteristic of arrogance, possessive, dis-obedience, argumentative, extravagant among other.

The third wife is the opposite of the second wives characteristics and this gives her to be the center of my love life. She has stayed with me for 10 years and she has one kid with me but had other 2 kids before she traditionally married me. I love her and my family too love her and propose her as my wive to wed but I have a contention from the Catholic charismatic group that I belong, that God acknowledges the first wive. Please advice for I am confused.

Eddy Ocaloi

Hi Eddy,

The big question is: did you marry your second wife in the Catholic Church? Also, are you the father of her four children? How you answer these two questions is very important. You may write me privately by clicking on my name above. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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