Which one should I choose, SSPX or Pink Sisters?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have a chance of entering Pink Sisters this month, whilst at the same time I still have a zeal for the church’s tradition.

At the present, I only have access to the captioned congregations. If I join Pink Sisters, I am afraid I will lose the chance of attending Tridentine Latin Mass forever. The sisters have finally agreed that I can receive communion on the tongue whils standing, but I may go the risk of being forced to receive communion in the hand.

But for SSPX, seems they are returning, I am not sure if they will be back to the church while I am still alive. They may give me a chance to join in one year, but can’t promise me any vocation. Actually I like both very much. But I do not like Novus Ordo mass. Pink Sisters may be the best congregation suitable for me, if it is still before Vantican II, it would be a fantanstic congregation, but now still good but … SVD and blue sisters are both secularized, the church is not the church as it was 60 years ago.

I see the church is suffering… both the real church and SSPX…

So sad…

What should I do? Which one should I choose?


Keep following our German Shepherd.


Your answer is in your statement. “the real church”, follow that one.

I don’t know who the Pink Sisters are and am too lazy to research it right now. :slight_smile:

Here you go TrueLight. Puppy99 please let me know if this isn’t the order you are referring to.

Mods, I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to share this link.

God Bless!


You’re probably better off asking this question on Angel Queen forums. There are many on this forum that have a very incorrect understanding and view of the SSPX. You’re probably going to get bombarded with ‘SSPX is schismatic!’ and all that kafuffle.

It’s entirely up to your discernment, with the guidance of a spiritual director/confessor, whether you should join an SSPX affiliated group of sisters, or the Pink Sisters. If you don’t already have a spiritual director/regular confessor, then get one. They are of invaluable importance.

God Bless and keep you, please know you’re in my prayers.

Through the hearts of Jesus and Mary,


Yes, it is. But that one is for the US, also very beautiful. And the link for their headquarter is here…


I know who the Pink Sisters are, they are quite popular in the Philippines. They have my vote :thumbsup:

Exactly which “SSPX” order are you contemplating? My understanding is that the FSSPX is a priestly fraternity.

None of them actually, they do have many sister congregations linked to them, but I only like Pink Sisters.

I was just attracted by the mass of SSPX, and do not know which congregation of them is suitable for me. …

Of course I like Pink Sisters very much, and I do not like SSPX chapels, people are very cold and mysterious there, but they have TLM. I haven’t visited their congregations yet, so…

I will pray for you. God will lead you.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your prayers, I feel much warm right now.

Anyway, seems now I see I do not like SSPX as I thought. I was much hurt and disgusted while I was with them. They are good people but very cultish as well.

I like Pink Sisters very much, the only thing I care is tradition. Is tradition so important for us?

Oh thanks! I’ve seen them posted here before in a thread on umm… different habits.

Every day is Laudate Sunday for these sisters!

There was an order in Rockford, I don’t know if they still exist, that was loosely associated with the ICRSS there. I sent them a check once; I’ll see if I can find it.


Oh really?

March against breast cancer, as an example.

But I have now removed that line in my last post so never mind.

I read on the site that they wear rose colored habits to remind them of their dedication to the Holy Spirit. They wear gray habits out in public.

Sorry, but I do not quite understand. Can you please explain for it? Thanks.

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