Which order to join?

Size is relative. A large active order with 90% of their order over 65 years of age, which depends on the salaries the sisters make (as hospital workers, teachers, professors, principals, DREs, parish administrators, etc) are going to have serious financial problems when they all retire.

But smaller communities with a healthy amount of new, young vocations, which depends on donations may be around for a very long time.

The main concern for finances is how the order raises the majority of it’s money. Do they lease out farm land (like the one in Central PA that was objecting to the pipeline), do they run a college where the college pays for their mother house and expenses? Or do they depend on the work of individual sisters?

I pray for vocations to their community whenever I pray the first Sorrowful Mystery. Our Lord complained to a mystic that His Soul was abandoned in Gethsemane. His Heart finds worshippers, but not His Soul.

Those Sisters are local to you, and I always recommend the Communities closest to one. I pray it works out for her and the sisters both.

If the Ordinary Form of the Mass is OK with you visit on line this, sistersofmarymc.org/ They are located in Spokane, Washington. I have met Mother Kathyrn Joseph and several of the nuns. They are very wonderful ladies. They are fairly young and highly involved in teaching. Three of my grand children are students of theirs.

They dress traditionally and are slowly growing. Check out their site.

The moderator of the forum is very explicit on this point:

I would like to remind posters in this forum about asking for “orthodox” orders and on commenting on the “orthodoxy” of orders.

Any religious institute that is in communion with the Church is orthodox.

While there may be members who might hold to some unorthodox positions if the order is in communion with the Church then it is orthodox.

God bless-



What part of the country are you looking in? I’d suggest checking out the CMSWR’s directory of member communities as an invaluable resource.

Sr. Christina, OSF

That is indeed an excellent resource, Sister.

Any religious institute that is in communion with the Church is orthodox.

This is not true. Pope Francis has just cracked down on the Brothers of Charity for allowing euthanasia to take place in their hospitals. They’re in communion with the Church but they aren’t orthodox. Our Lord told us that there would be weeds among the wheat. I wish every religious institute were orthodox but this sadly isn’t the case. Anybody discerning the religious life will find this out sooner or later.

[quote=PJM]May I humbly suggest you begin the process by eliminating Any and all orders that do not wear a Nuns habit.

Your goal of the Latin Mass is another GREAT qualifier.

Pray much to Our Lady for guidance, and :I’ll keep you in my prayers too.

Continued Blessings and THANKS for hearing the CALL.


Excellent advice! I support all orders that retain the habit, keep their original rule, and exclusively celebrate the Latin Mass. May they thrive and produce much fruit for the Lord. They will be essential to the restoration of the Church, the new springtime, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


Any religious institute that is in communion with the Church is orthodox.

While there may be members who might hold to some unorthodox positions if the order is in communion with the Church then it is orthodox.

Are you saying you specifically pray for vocations to the community I mentioned, Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ? Are you in Florida as well?

I am physically located in NC. My organization sponsors a Yahoo discussion group regarding the religious habit, and these sisters’ original headgear was very unique. Looked like a dove on their forehead. They no longer wear that, but they have retained the habit.

My organization also has a foundational/new charism branch, with one apostolate ministering to religious life, especially the cloisters. I realize these sisters are not cloistered, but I still include them on the first Sorrowful Mystery. We maintain a website of international scope, and remember different groups during different mysteries, e.g. perpetual adorers on the sixth Sorrowful Mystery, or those of Augustinian spirituality on the sixth Joyful Mystery.

Thank you. She really enjoyed her visit with them. She has also felt drawn to the Dominicans in Nashville, but visiting them will be financially difficult. I don’t know how young ladies do it.

Also, another post mentioned CMSWR. Are the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ not large enough to be on that list?

Any further advice to her would be very much appreciated.

I believe the community has to make application to that organization.

Financial difficulties should be taken into consideration. She should ask Our Lady for the resources, if the attraction to Nashville is stronger than Communities there locally.

Are there Vocation Support groups available in your area? Does she have a spiritual director?

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