Which OT Version did Jesus And The Apostles Quote From?

The Pharisees version that didn’t exist while Jesus and the Apostles taught “in” the New Testament?

Or the Septuagint which the Pharisees rejected?

Which did Jesus and the apostles quote from?

Jesus, when he was speaking, would have quoted either the Hebrew versions that He had learned from and that He was familiar with, or from the Aramaic paraphrase. It may be a hint that when He quoted Ps. 22:1 on the cross, it was in Aramaic.

The apostles, when they were writing, quoted from the Septuagint, which apparently had several versions floating around. Remember that without printing presses, Paul’s scroll in Ephesus might have had one reading of a verse, and Peter’s/Mark’s scroll in Rome might have had a slightly different reading.

Hope this helps.


Yes, I agree because 2/3’s of the NT quotes are from the Septuagint.
The Apostles as well as the first Christians continued this practice. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that Jesus and the Apostles quoted from the Old Testament. But do you know specifically the quotes from the Septuagint?


I will get back to you on this one…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to them. :slight_smile:

lost… there were 300 of them… can be found here:

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