Which Papal Clothing/Vesting Styles Do You Prefer?


Which papal clothing/vesting style did you prefer?

Saint John Paul II: Quite conservative, no real innovation with regards to personal garb. It wasn’t until he passed that we really learned of his simple brown scuffed loafers. Liturgically his vestments tended to be avant-garde due to the influence of Papal MC Piero Marini.

Pope Benedict XVI: Actually restored the use of deeply historic papal personal garb like the Camauro (“Santa’s cap”), the Saturno (wide-brimmed hat), red shoes, etc. His vestments became far more elegant due to the influence of new Papal MC Guido Marini.

Pope Francis: Determined to project simplicity and austerity in his personal garb. His vestments however remain in good taste as he has retained Papal MC Guido Marini.


Did you mean to place a poll here? If not, Benedict.


Personally, I liked the way that Saint JPII very quietly dressed down, but I appreciate the influence of Papal MC Guido Marini when it comes to elegant vestments.


How come JPII is “conservative” and Francis is "projecting simplicity & austerity’?

Pope Francis is dressing the same way he did when he was Cardinal Arch Bishop of Buenos Aries.

He is a Jesuit, from Latin America. His style of dress conveys that. Why compare him to anyone else?

FWIW, I prefer simple.


To be honest I never noticed the differences in the way the three Popes have dressed. It doesn’t really matter to me.


Pope Benedict XVI everyday of the week :slight_smile:


Same here.


Pope Benedict XVI


He was/is quite the clothes horse. It was especially nice to see him wear the tall precious mitres in my opinion. The short mitres look horrible in my opinion.


Vestments wise I prefer the more elegant traditional vestments of the last two papacies. In terms of personal everyday wear…to me it’s apples and oranges. +Benedict is a secular priest. +Francis is a religious. The latter took a vow of poverty while the former did not.


There’s no poverty in wearing black trousers rather than white trousers.



Maybe Pope Francis sees no need in buying white trousers, as there is nothing wrong with the black ones he has.
Maybe, when the blacks start to wear out, he will replace them with white.
Buy even if he doesn’t, what difference does it really make?


Let’s not make arguements cross threads… plsease? thanks :slight_smile:


I prefer Pope Benedict’s style.


I was thinking more in terms of the various special shoes and hats you reference in your first post.


Pope Francis by a long shot for me… attachment to fancy vestments and thousands of dollars spent send the wrong message in my opinion.


With no disrespect to the other 2 Popes named, I prefer Pope Francis’ simplicity.


Black pants are no cheaper than white pants. I suspect the Vatican sacristy/vestry has little need to buy anything these days given its enormous collection. In other words, it’s largely a sunk cost.


My thoughts exactly. Or non-thoughts. :wink:

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