Which Pope was more beloved--John XXIII or John Paul II?


I really have no opinion about this either way, but I keep reading things that describe John XXIII as the most beloved Pope of all time. Of course these things were written prior to April 2005.

On the other hand, the liberals in the Church seem to claim John as their own, which would certainly not be the case with JPII.

I’d just like to see who you think was the most beloved and why.


I remember JohnXXIII as a very holy man, but very humble and down to earth and close to the people. His predecessor (I think it was pope Pius XII), seemed more distant and restrained, as did pope Paul VI. Even though he was old, the youth identified with him in much the same way they related to JPII.

Though one ruled for barely 3 years and the other for nearly 30, I don’t think I could favor one over the other. They were equally beloved.


Personally, I agree that either “they were equally beloved,” or no comparison should be made at all. It seems to me that to say that a pope is the “most beloved of all time” is a valid opinion/feeling. However, to get into some form of ranking of who was the most beloved, just doesn’t feel right.

Those who have a fondness for John XXIII, Pius X, etc. are welcome to their feelings as well.


I saw the exposed body of Pope John XXIII at the vatican…it brought back so many memories…I was too young to attach myself to him at all. When I was in the convent it was Paul VI.

It does seem like the remains of John XXXIII has lost weight but very well preserved!


This would better be phrased like “the Pope ruling the lists”… It is just not right.
It’s like the betting-guessing game going on before Benedict XVI was elected.


Not news. Thread closed.

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