Which pope was this?

I remember reading a few years ago in a Catholic pubilication that one of the popes could hear a conversation going on between Satan and the Archangel St. Michael. Does any one know of which pope this was and provide a non-Wikipedia source on the story?

You may be refering to the vision of Pope Leo XIII about Jesus and Satan.


Peace to all


This is a very popular urban legend about Pope Leo XIII.

The Leonine Prayers (including the prayer to the Archangel Michael) were appointed to be said AFTER Low Masses (and not even all of them). They had nothing whatever to do with this vision that didn’t take place, but were originally composed with the intention of protecting the temporal sovereignty of the Papal States and Holy See from their being taken by the Italian government.

After the settling of the Roman Question (as it was called) by the Lateran Treaty of 1929, Pius XI changed the intention of these prayers to “the conversion of Russia.”

Yes, I should have stated “purported vision” of Pope Leo XIII, my bad, did not mean to mislead anyone.



The site–aside from being sedevacantist, and therefore not Catholic–confuses the Prayer to St. Michael with the EXORCISM addressed to St. Michael.

They have ALWAYS been two different prayers.

Thanks everyone. According to this site: motherofallpeoples.com/articles/marian-private-revelation/the-diabolical-vision-of-pope-leo-xiii.html the exact year is not remembered. No offense, but I trust them as a source more than the other one.

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